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Tech Training Tales with Jason | ACDI


ACDI the building itself is a beautiful building and it's kind of in the home town of one of the founders and it speaks volumes to the people that also work here Kris is an interesting guy Kris, he is extremely knowledgeable, can speak at a very high level

But also can dumb it down for those who may not be technical enough to understand The staff is knowledgeable, being able to come here and talk with the people that help support you, it's a good time to get in the trenches with everybody Share ideas, meet face to face A lot can change over time so it's really good to get a hands-on feel and be at the location of the place with all the people who are helping you From the gate we covered how to install, what troubleshooting steps you should take should you find an error in the install process

Professional Services and who to contact if you need to contact them during the install We covered embedding machines We covered, as mentioned, Google Cloud Printing We covered Mobility Print We covered Windows, Linux, Unix printing If I could wrap it all up, you know, it's just really solid, well knowledged individuals who are very grounded and humble people who love to help

and it just speaks volumes to support and sell it and also have those types of people behind you

Source: Youtube

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