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Tech Tips: Technology that is changing the college experience


If you walked on a college campus today, it likely will not resemble a campus from five years ago Technology is evolving the experience that many students are having at colleges and universities across the country

This week we'll look at how tech has changed what it means to attend college Before you even step on campus AI-powered sites like admithubcom are automating the collegiate process You would think that Admithub would focus primarily on assisting prospective student with the admissions process, however institutions use Admithub and services like it to help potential students from the recruitment phase through graduation In addition to admissions and enrollment, Admithub is a 24/7 resource for students to engage with the campus community and aid with career services and alumni relations upon graduation

Once a student enters a lecture hall, technology is being used to encourage feedback and participation from every student This may come in the form of a clicker This device enables every student to answer every question and receive a response Textbook publisher McGraw Hill has created the AI-backed ALEKS Chabot to create a dynamic and personalized learning path ALEKS seeks to increase retention through assessing a student's level of comfort with a subject and building from there

A goal is to help the learner be better prepared each time that they return to class While Declaracom is a free AI resource service that presents you with relevant information and material based on the subject that you're studying This can be helpful if you need to write a paper individually or as part of a group It considers itself akin to a crowdsourced Cliff notes

It only provides the information that you may find interesting Stelliccom is the piece of software that many schools use to ensure that you stay on track and graduate on time A student's academic advisor can both monitor and manage a student's progress, but Stellic was designed by students so that their degree path can reflect what they would like for their career Now not all of the on- campus tech is academically oriented

The Pizza ATM is a vending machine for hot or cold pizza that anyone can access any time of the day or night They are beginning to pop-up on campuses such as Ohio State, Xavier, and others While universities such as Purdue are employing Starship autonomous robots to perform on- campus deliveries Feel free to email me your questions and for News 4 Tucson, I'm your tech contributor Quincey Hobbs WHEN WE

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