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Tech Tips: Tech for College Students


Campus Tech 2019 With college campuses coming alive and students preparing for another year on campus Now seemed like a good time to look at some essential tech for students heading back to campus

If you or someone that know is headed to a dorm or similar campus living, then the first thing that they may want to invest in is a good pair of headphones The key feature that you are looking for are ones with a noise-canceling feature This feature isn't unique to headphones, so finding a pair of earbuds with this feature is relatively easy as well The noise-canceling feature may preserve your sanity and a few friendships Quick access to information is a must, so either the Amazon Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini is a must

They can do everything from playing you a song to helping you with your homework, to ordering food Another important investment would be to purchase an item tracker such as the Tile Tracker This device can help you locate everything your keys, to your laptop bag and more The item may not seem techish but most wouldn't stay running for long without it A good surge protector can do more than just provide power for your devices, it can protect them from power fluctuations at your home as well

Speaking of power, you may notice that more backpacks include a USB port on them They are designed to prevent you from being caught without a means to charge your phone Another solution to this situation is that you purchase a small portable power bank You can find a decent one for less than $5 When it comes to the classroom, Chegg

com will be the site that you will want to visit first It can provide you with access to textbooks that may be cheaper than what you see in the campus bookstore The next thing that you will want to do will be to sort and organize your class notes and course requirements Goodnotescom and Notability app both will help you stay on top of lectures and notes

The Bear app is another opportunity to write your class notes and reminders directly into a digital device If you prefer the tactile feel of pen and paper, then the Moleskine Smart Notebook will enable you to handwrite notes and have them digitally transferred to your device When it comes to organization then there is no shortage of options The Google Calendar is a favorite of many This is due in part because it is free of charge and you can collaborate with others when necessary

While Trello is a project management app that is more than equipped to keep your hectic schedule on track Finally, if college becomes a little overwhelming, then the Sanvello app can offer on-demand help for anxiety, depression, and stress Feel free to email me your questions and for News 4 Tucson I'm your tech contributor Quincey Hobb SOUTHWEST AIRLIN

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