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Tech Tip: UTV Easy Pack


>> Welcome to Tech Tips Today we're changing the front differential fluid on this UTV

To change the front differential fluid, you need to start with the right tools And, in this case, we need a 17 mm socket, a 10 mm socket, an extension, a ratchet, a drain pan is always important and a rag to clean up any messes This process will apply to most UTVs These tools are specific to this Honda Step 1 is locate the fill plug

Clean any dirt that may be around it and then loosen it That's a tip because you don't want to drain it and then find the fill plug won't come loose The next step will be to drain the oil out of the differential So locate your drain plug, which is on the bottom of the machine There should be a hole in the skid plate

Get your socket on there Loosen the drain plug Try not to drop it in the drain pan While the fluid is draining out, it's a good idea to inspect the drain plug for any damage and check the washer or O-ring for any dings or damage Make sure it's clean before reusing it

Once the fluid is done draining, you can go ahead and reinstall the drain plug So now we're back up top We're going to remove the fill plug that we've already loosened So you can just reach in there, finish loosening it with your hand and you can pull it out Now we need to refill

These are your three traditional methods for refilling this differential: the funnel, the pump or your traditional gear lube bottle All of them usually result in a mess, so we're not going to use any of those methods Today we're going to use AMSOIL's easy-pack This takes all the problems away It's flexible

It fits right in that fill hole Apply the product, no mess, no problems Let's see how it works So you're going to go ahead and fill the front differential Get the easy-pack right in the hole

Squeeze This machine holds about 12 ounces of oil or, when the oil starts to come out the fill plug, that means you're done So you just want to make sure that your fill plug is clean Make sure there's no dirt in there Check the O-ring, and you're ready to reinstall

As you're tightening the plug, remember it only needs to be snug Do not overtighten Well, there you have it A few simple steps to changing the differential fluid on your UTV using AMSOIL easy-pack Thanks for watching

We'll see you next time

Source: Youtube

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