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Tech Tip – New Release


Thank you for joining us today, my name is Josh The IT Handyman today we're going to go over some of the basic components on setting up your computer and this is as if you went to the store bought a computer took you home this is probably you might want to know to set it up properly to start we're going to look at the back of the case where we have our power and various cables to connect to make our computer go and do what we want it to do right here we have the USB plugs the USB plugs are for your peripheral devices like your keyboard and mouse which allow you to do what you want to do on the computer you also have sometimes a video plug take a look a few different ways this is how this one looks this is how you can see what you're doing and you're able to actually interface with the computer this is the power and it provides you guess it power throughout the system for the most part if you're getting a desktop type computer you don't have an internal wireless card you'll actually have one of these connectors right here this is an ethernet plug this allows you to connect it to your network to get your internet now depending on the type of computer that you get and you bring home it may also already have a wireless card a lot of the all-in-ones for example these are the units that are the screen and your computer all-in-one thank you for joining us today I hope you enjoyed our video please like and share our video with others so they might be able to enjoy it too leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to discuss the video listen lower social media and our websites where I do blog at least a few times a week thank you for joining us and come again well have some fun ok that was very your face is stuttery

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