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Tech Ops – Innovation Week 2019


Welcome to our first technology operations our Hackathon and innovation week and this is all about how do we start to learn about our products how do we start to get the education required how do we start to get these products and develop them into what we want is the the leading edge thought process and what better way to do it than a hackathon this has been a huge event there's 40 teams 40 teams nearly 200 people who are going to be working on this with great ideas and what do we come out with we've set up this really so as people can just relax start to generate the ideas start I think there's no such thing as a bad idea right and really start to kind of put things out there something that you've always wanted something that you're thinking boy I can see a real issue in the business and I've got all these fantastic tools how can I use them so get to the vendors talk about these some of these things and really let's start to figure out how can we move the needle on what we want to do what we want to do in technology operations and really help out a business remember we're here to help out with a digital management of technology I think it took a little bit of time for people to wrap their head around the fact that they don't have to do where they just need to innovate we might find me business models that are just lying around that you don't know exists so without trying to find out or giving people an opportunity to create or discover how they might be able to do this through things like hackathons and stuff like that you're never going to know if these things are available and the winner is congratulations thank you for all your participation

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