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TecH NewS~5 [MX Vertical Mouse, POCOPHONE , AI Robot, POKEMON GO , Google New Pixel Update]


hello everyone this is SAMHITH and welcome to samhith tech report and it has been six months since I appeared in a video so without any delay let's quickly start today's topic that is our tech news no: 5 so the tech news number one will be on the recently launched intball I'll go in detail in the Japanese aerospace exploration agency JAXA recently released photos or footage captured by the Jem internal ball camera also called as intball, which is the world's first camera ball capable of recording video while moving in space so naturally, it has managed to capture the ISS in a unique light that makes the video worth a watch the drone which is remotely controlled from the ground staff at the JAXA Tsukuba Space Center captured images and videos that can be checked in real time by the flight controllers and researcher on the ground so you can check out the images and video captured by the in ball through the link given in the description by me our second tech news is going to be on Japan the Japanese government is trying to introduce english-speaking AI ROBOTS and classrooms to help the children improve their English speaking skills the country's education minister would be introducing a pilot programme to test effectiveness of the initiative in the April 2019 the English speaking skill of the Japanese is considered to be one of the worst in the world according to the reports the initiative will be initially be rolled out in 500 schools and the programme will include study apps and online conversation sessions with native English speakers

let's enter into our 3 tech news: Logitech has launched a new vertical mouse called MX vertical while it is the first vertical mouse from Logitech it is more or less identical to other of its variety out there in the market the click and scroll wheel are located on the right side of the mouse and there is a large thumb rest on the device concave left side you can see the image of that mouse on screen according to Logitech the mouse is sloped at 57 degree angle and it has rubber sides to make it easier to the grip MX vertical weighs more than typical mice and it also had a larger footprint with 79*785*120mm 79*785*120mm dimensions the mouse connects over USB type-c and it also comes with a Logitech unifying reciever USB dongle to know more about the mouse check out the link which is given in the description now let's get into our 4 Tech news: Xiaomi is all set to launch its new poco f1 from its all-new brand POCOPHONE which is going to be released on Wednesday August 22nd the device is expected to be sold on Flipkart and is rumored to be priced at around 30,000 rupees according to flipkart the poco f1 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset which is the latest one and will sport the so called [liquid cool technology] to keep the thermals in check the device is expected to feature a 599 inch full HD display with a notch at the top it comes in two variants that is 6 GB and 64 GB and and another one is 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage rumors also suggest that the device will ship with a 4000 mAh battery a USB type-c port 35 mm audio jack and speaker grills at the bottom so now let's get to our 5 tech news microsoft has just released a new update for the Microsoft launcher in beta Channel which brings a new interesting features to the app the update version 4

13 now allows users to drag and drop widgets to and from the launcher feed and brings tuning fixes for the new app drawer animations the update also brings a few interesting improvements to the Microsoft voice assistant Cortana allowing parents to ask Cortana for the kids location Cortana also has the ability to read incoming SMS and it also supports voice recognition for Indian users now let's get into the bonus tech news I'm not going in detail with these topics but I'm just going to let you know about these topics so the first one in the bonus round of tech nes is GE'S new smart microwave can scan packets to start cooking and also has Alexa support and the second one is you can get google lens and YouTube live integration in your new moto phone with moto camera 62 application and you can download that application and it's available only for moto phones the link will be in the description check that out the third one hmd global is expected to launch the nokia 61 plus mid-range smartphone in India on August 21st and we now know the phone will be exclusive to Flipkart so you can wait for that till August 21st that is tomorrow and the fourth one jiophone was launched last year with the promise that several of the most popular apps such as Facebook, YouTube and whatsapp will be available on the platform and now YouTube is available in jiophone, jio phone 2 the final one the updated version of Google pixel launcher comes with new features showing that Google assistant icon replaces the microphone icon in the search bar and this is the end of the bonus round in the tech news so hope you enjoy this video and you got some information about tech news today let's meet in the next session of tech news or in the next video till then bye

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