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Tech News – First AI News Anchor, Flying Taxi


Hi, I'm Ryan Welcome to the first episode of TECH NEWS, where we will be talking about some crazy technologies

where we will be talking about some crazy technologies that completely blew my mind May I introduce? This is my AI Ryan double who does some work for me If we're being completely honest, I take care of a lot of work

Sounds like fiction? Well, what sounds like visions from the future is actually already reality in China But watch out! We decided to make up one of the technologies to test your tech knowledge Stay tuned until the end of the episode to find out which one is fake So, let's get started! The first AI news anchor has been created in China and is available as a male or as a female Apart from the lip movement, it's really hard to differentiate from real people

Because the AI learns to imitate language, role models and emphasis perfectly It is cost efficient and the AI is able to perform at its best at any time of the day – unlike me A new generation of teleshopping is booming in China Fashion brands are partnering with influencers to livestream a whole day of them trying on a ton of different clothes Customers can shop and ask questions in real time

Now that's what I call a truly interactive shopping experience As we know the Japanese are the leading developers of hi-tech toilets Such toilets are equipped with jukeboxes, they can spray different scents, they can preheat the toilet seat, some even have an integrated voice assistant Now there are the first toilets available in Japan, equipped with the latest acoustic noise-canceling system – just like we know it from headphones A microphone is installed inside the toilet that registers any noises, then a sound is generated in reverse pitch that eliminates any of those unwanted noises

So, no more embarrassing sounds from inside the bathroom that the outside world shouldn't hear At the end of 2018, the first 3D printer capable of printing an entire house became available A house can be printed in 24 hours and by using protective tents it can even be built during any weather conditions That is not only more cost efficient than conventional construction methods but it also saves about 60% of material – thanks to a resource preserving work method This is currently the best chance of fighting the housing shortage and ensuring quick reconstruction after a natural catastrophe

The first flying taxi was tested at the end of 2018 This taxi drone flies with battery-powered propellers Trial operations for the taxi drone service are expected to start in Los Angeles, Dubai, Dallas and Singapore in 2020 While at the moment these drones are operated by pilots, in the future the drones will fly autonomously and will be operated from the ground It is expected that 3,000 drones will be in operation by the year 2025

By the year 2050 even up to 100,000 The cost of one drone ranges from 400,000 all the way up to 600,000 euros But in terms of pricing, it is really competitive but other forms of public transport services And that's it for today with our tech news Well, did you find out which technology doesn't exist? The technology we decided to make up was

the noise-cancelling toilet While Google actually filed a patent for a toilet acoustic noise-canceling system in February 2006, they had to drop the idea because the development failed Another glorious idea down the toilet Did you guess the fake technology straight away or did you guess wrong first? Or do you know of any other crazy technologies that we might have forgotten? We'd love to know what you know Please write it in the comments below! Thank you Wirecard for supporting us! If you liked our video please subscribe to our channel and click on the notification bell below! And if you haven't watched our video "Are Chinese People Smarter", you can watch it here Otherwise see you next time!

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