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[Tech News 科技新聞 #3] 華為手機還能不能用? | WWDC 2019 | Adobe Premiere Rush | League of Legends 手遊


What's up guys Welcome to Tech News This film collects the big news that happened recently in the tech circle Let's see what interesting things happen

Sino-US trade war continues to heat up Earlier, the US government blacklisted Huawei Prohibiting US companies from cooperating with Huawei Leading Google to announce in the future Huawei mobile phone No more software and system support I will summarize it for you today Huawei users may encounter problems The first is whether Huawei mobile phones can't be used This time Google stopped offering to Huawei Android system support No more Google services available But at the same time Now Huawei has sold mobile phones on the market Will still be able to continue using the Android system And Google support Google also issued a statement The current phone will not be affected And Android is an open source system

Everyone can use it without restrictions Therefore, Huawei mobile phones can still continue to use Second Google stopped providing its own services to Huawei Such as Gmail, YouTube, etc Here mainly refers to the native software In other words, the phone cannot pre-install these software Many people think Google will block Huawei phones from accessing these Google pages This is actually wrong The phone can use the web version to solve this problem

But in fact, the mobile web version is better than Native software The experience will be much worse Such as Google Maps If you use a web page, the response will be much slower And the navigation function is not used So this is only a temporary solution for temporary settlement Third, there is no software installed on Google Play For Huawei mobile phones, although they are not affected But future phones won’t be able to use Google Play

Therefore, Huawei needs a new way of coping In fact, Huawei has always had invitations Developers upload their work to their software store App Gallery But due to the small amount of software So users usually don't use it Third-party software store Aptoide Discussing with Huawei Aptoide is now more than 900,000 software Third party store More than 100 million people worldwide use This may be an alternative Outside the software level Huawei has to face many problems on the hardware For example, there are new news now Wireless network certification organization Wi-Fi Alliance said Decided to temporarily Huawei from the Wi-Fi Alliance Delisting from the member list International Solid State Technology Association And SD Memory Card Association Huawei company Removed from the list of cooperation Representing this may affect Huawei mobile phones Storage problem And now the United States grants 90 days temporary license to Huawei Then we have to look at Huawei within 90 days

What are the new ways to deal with? Apple officially announced Annual Global Developers Conference WWDC2019 holding time Will be on June 3, 2019 Until June 7 Apple is here at this conference every year Release the latest generation operating system Such as iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS Then in this meeting The most rumored hardware that is released is The strongest product line in the Mac Pro This product line has been updated since 2013 No more updates The performance is no longer comparable to the current iMac Pro Rumors of the new Mac Pro Will give up the round design Use the square look And use a new processor DDR5 memory And a new display card Will be equipped with 8 Thunderbolt 3 And two HDMI And there will be Bluetooth 51 standard Will use the latest T2 security chip Adobe announced Launch of a cross-platform movie editing system Android version of Premiere Rush Make movie clips available on both Android phones and tablets It is now available for download and download on Google Play The biggest feature of this software is the integration Adobe Premiere Pro And the advantages of Audition Simplify the use of interfaces for mobile phone users Can have an intuitive experience More importantly, you can let users Seamlessly connected to the desktop system Switching between mobile systems The program has multiple charging plans The Startup Plan gives users free access to all features

But only up to three works can be exported The "Personal Plan" is priced at $999 per month Can export works infinitely And have 100GB Creative Cloud storage As for Samsung Galaxy users Only $799 per month Enjoy a 20% monthly discount for the year Interested friends can go download and see Top online games League of Legends Expected to appear on mobile phones and tablets Before the developer Riot Games There is no plan to launch a mobile version Recently, however, there is news that They will cooperate with Tencent to launch a mobile version Although they had an unpleasant experience before There is news that before Tencent Once presented to Riot Games Develop mobile version But they were rejected by them So Tencent itself in 2015 Launching a similar glory of the king on the mainland And achieved good results If this news is true League of Legends will launch a mobile version I believe this will bring a very good income to Tencent

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