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    Tech Hub Grants: Spellbreaker


    [Music playing] I understand that in the wider field of technology maybe visual art is a small aspect of that and then within the field of visual art maybe technology art is a small subgroup, but there is a pretty large group of artists working with technology Last year when I moved here with my family, we were seeing black walnut trees all over and at the same time I was researching trees that absorb a lot of carbon dioxide in the environment and black walnut trees stood out

    But was most interesting to me is that the husks can be used to make dye or ink I was also interested in using that medium as a data visualization for carbon dioxide For Tech Hub my proposal was to add a carbon dioxide sensor to my artwork My intentions were for a viewer to approach the work and to speak into an object that the sensor would be connected to and then the sensor would trigger a pump to begin dripping black walnut ink and then I have booklets that I made that viewers can take and hold underneath the drips to collect a visualization of their own breath So it really emphasizes the tree and human interrelationship and that exchange between carbon dioxide and oxygen The black walnut, it's very beautiful as an object and it's amazing that it can be used to make dye and ink and it can be eaten and it has such a rich history in folklore and medicine and culture

    My vision has stayed pretty clear to where I started with it Technologically, I think because of the Tech Hub grant I was able to fully develop it more I find it surprising that more art students aren't applying and I think that there's so much happening in technology and Tech Hub has been so supportive that it's it's a really wonderful opportunity to develop a project within that support Human interaction just makes understanding happen between people and for people individually, but combining technology with natural objects is just a reality of our time and technology certainly isn't going away So to create a relationship that is symbiotic and engaging I think is — is hopeful

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