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Tech from Texas Part 2: Midway, DeLorean, Compaq, NASA


Welcome back to my series on the amazing tech from Texas, where I am attempting to showcase all of the companies that made significant impacts to the world of technology In the last episode I visited a couple of places in the Dallas area, including 3D Realms and Dallas Semiconductor

And don’t worry, I’m not even close to being done with the Dallas area, but for this episode I’m heading down to Houston to show you a few things there, which is about a 4 hour drive But, we’re going to make a few stops along the way The first stop is just an hour South of the Dallas metroplex, in a little city called Corsicana OK, so we’re taking just a little bit of a detour Really, it’s not even a detour, it’s literally right on the path of the direction that we’re going

I would say it’s mid way through the journey, but it’s really not, it’s really about a 3rd through the journey, but ha ha ha, big pun there because the name of the company that we’re going to go see was called Midway, which you’ve probably heard of because they made a lot of famous games and so, yeah, we’re going to be there here in just a moment Of course Midway goes all the back to when they manufactured arcade games like PacMan and Space Invaders, but the actual development for those games was done back in Japan However, eventually they started developing their own arcade and home video games But before we get to that, there was this little company called Tradewest here in Corsicana They were known for famous NES games like Battletoads, or Double Dragon

Actually the list goes on it’s quite a long list But they were eventually bought up by Midway, and went on to work on such games as Mortal Kombat or Doom 64 The office here in Corsicana was responsible for testing, marketing, sales, and distribution And the first location I’m going to show you was located at 1800 South Highway 75, which is now abandoned and the building is for sale OK, so we’re standing in front of the old Midway building and I’ve got a former employee here with me

Unfortunately, there’s this kind of creep here that ran us off the property, wouldn’t let us film directly in front of the building So, we’re standing out here on the side of the highway filming, which is so lovely But, anyway, so tell us your name, tell us what you did, tell us when you worked here Well, my name is Guy Chapman I worked here in the Texas office from 1995 to to 1999

I started initially as a game counselor, and a gameplay tester, and eventually worked my way up to a marketing coordinator here What were some of the games that were made here or developed here? Well, the biggest title that everybody would recognize is Mortal Kombat Midway’s first home published title was Mortal Kombat 3, up until that point, Aklaim had done the other titles But Midway did Mortal Kombat 3, and they did the preceding series up until Warner Brothers bought them But, they also did Doom 64, arcade’s greatest hits which were all retro arcade compilations of things like Defender, Joust, Gauntlet, Marble Madness, titles like that, San Francisco Rush, NFL Blitz, all that was made here

OK, but it was actually called Tradwest before it was Midway? It was originally called Tradewst Tradewest started in ’85, but in ’94 WMS industries, which is Midway, they decided they wanted to get into home publishing themselves and they bought out Tradewest and in turn, started publishing their own games But Tradewst was responsible for NES titles like Double Dragon, Battle Toads, things like that Now, were those developed here or, there was another location you mentioned down the road somewhere Yep

There’s another location down the road, that is the original Tradewest building All the games weren’t designed here What these offices were primarily responsible for was customer support, like in my case, marketing, sales Byron Cook, who was the CEO of Midway did all of the main operations here All of the main operations of Tradewest, then later Midway, all of those decisions were made here

So, we drove across town, which doesn’t take very long for a small town like Corsicana And we had a look at the later location, which was located at 800 North Main Street, in a small strip mall Currently, the section that was occupied by Midway now exists a probation office of some kind So, it looks like this is a probation office now Yeah, it’s an adult probation

That’s certainly not where I expected this building to be, but you know considering all of the crazy stuff we made here, I mean all those various Mortal Kombat games, but yeah, this was, they finally combined all of the buildings together, the sales and the marketing and my group You know, we still did testing and phone support here Actually, that door right there is where I’d go in every morning with my crew And we’d go down the long hallway into the left Right there was the break room

OK, so correct me if I’m wrong, but there was no manufacturing happed in this building either, right? It was just like development and like tech support, that type of thing? Yeah, it was the executive decisions, sales marketing, tech support, testing, that was done here Manufacturing was done elsewhere But, it was funny though, a lot of people never knew what we did here And even now, it’s like I’ll talk about Midway to people and it’s like “there was a video game company here? Mortal Kombat was made here?” Yeah, made here for several years actually So, I’ve been trying to do things to raise awareness and say “hey we had something really cool here for a while

” Now was there any kind of, you know Apogee building of course they didn’t want anyone to know they were there Was there anything on this building that suggested, you know, video games were made here? Oh no, we were loud and proud You know, we had the big red Midway bug and the big black lettering on the front and we had Midway logos everywhere Where would that have been? It was right on the front, right where you noticed that one spot where the old logo was Yeah, that was just straight up front, but again, people didn’t know what a Mortal Kombat was or even what a Midway was

But, we were making one of the hottest games in the ‘90s here Did you ever have any fans come by the building? You know, we did Actually, not as many as you’d think I don’t think a lot of people come out to Corsicana that often We’re kind of a side detour for sure

Yeah, we had a couple of people come by You know, we’d show them around the office and give them a couple of little marketing chochkies, things like that Maybe a few press releases You know we always had some little toy like we had Gauntlet pewter figurines or posters You know, we’d give them something and they’d go on their way and you know it was fun So these are a couple of the tradewest games

These are where Corsicana got its first video game milestone Battletoads was one of the biggest ones they did Double Dragon, of course was their biggest Other games like Solar Jetman, Taboo the 6th Sense, which is a weird game, all about 8-bit tarot cards, who knew? Mortal Kombat 3, this is the first game that I ever worked on This is the original run copy back from ’95

And shortly after that, we did a couple games, Doom64, that was a Midway original, that was not done by ID San Francisco Rush 2, or just Rush 2 because it was all over the world This was an old press kit from Williams A little bit more authenticity That was the building we were at that we got chased off from

So, kind of an interesting pice, you know, that whole super flashy ‘90s style and basically just had pictures of Doom and Mortal Kombat 3, those were the first two big Super Nintendo games Over the years and these were all done in Corsicana Keri Hoskins who played Sonia Blade in Mortal Kombat 3, she’s actually been a long time friend of mine OK, well I appreciate you showing me the building It’s really unfortunate about the last building that that guy wouldn’t let us film there

I don’t know why, it was a big empty parking lot and the building had for sale signs all over it It seemed crazy that they ran us off But it was his building and it was dear to him, so you know So, I left Corsicana and headed back out on the long road to Houston But, I do like to break long road trips up into smaller sections for my own sanity, and I’m going to stop next in Madisonville

That’s because I got dozens of emails from people telling me that if I’m showing a Texas road trip, then I definitely need to show Buc-ee’s Well, so here it is There are 35 of these scattered around Texas located on long stretches of highways They are essentially really, really big gas stations Unfortunately, my car is electric and Buc-ee’s does not yet offer chargers, although they have publicly said they plan to add those soon

Besides gas they have almost every food item imaginable inside, and they are also known for their fancy restrooms, which I can’t really show for obvious reasons, so you'll just have to take my word for it I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about something else You can see the Buc-ee beaver statue is wearing a mask Many people complained in the last video that I was out in the middle of a pandemic So, I just wanted you to know that me and anyone I was with were wearing masks when not on camera and following every safety precaution

In fact, I spent the vast majority of this trip in my car or outside in the open So, having said that, it was time to head back out on the road, this time for just about 20 minutes, until I arrived in Huntsville There were actually a couple of reasons I wanted to stop in Huntsville And the first reason was to use the Tesla supercharger here, since I was not able to refuel at Buc-ee’s This also gives me a perfect opportunity to show people something I’ve tried to explain time and again

As you can see, I had 140 miles of range left, which was probably enough to make it all the way to my hotel in Houston You can also see it was saying 45 minutes for a full charge But, let’s see how that really works out I took this opportunity to wash the 180 miles worth of bugs off of my windshield And by the time I did that and ate the snack I bought at Buc-ee’s, 10 minutes had passed

After which, you can see we were up to 212 miles, which was way more than I really needed to make it to my hotel And the last thing I wanted to show here in Huntsville is the giant statue of Sam Houston He was a very important figure in the history of Texas, more than I have time to explain here The statue is visible from miles away as you approach Huntsville on the freeway But, if you want to have a closer look, you can drive around behind and park at the visitor center

Then you can walk down a little trail On your way you’ll pass a giant head of Sam Houston I’ve never quite figured out why there is just a head here I don’t know if it is like a spare head, or a practice run, or what For some reason, standing next to this, reminds me of the Face of Bo from Doctor Who

Anyway, if you keep walking the trail, eventually you come to the back of the statue And so just to give you an idea of how big this thing is, take a look REMEMBER ME Anyway, time to get back on the road for the final leg of this journey to Houston Much like Dallas, Houston is also very big

It also has multiple downtown areas, including the main city center here, medical city, which is here, and then Uptown over here Granted, these are all closer together than in the Dallas area Let’s have a look at some of it This is downtown Houston The entire Houston metro area is home to some 7 million people, similar in size to the Dallas/Ft

Worth metroplex This is a view of Uptown, sometimes called the Galleria by locals It has quite an impressive skyline all of its own And this area here is called Medical City You can see downtown off in the distance

This is basically an entire city of hospitals and medical services People come from all over the world to receive medical treatment here Some of the places we’ll be exploring is the Delorean Motor Company in the city of Humble, then we’re going to find the original Compaq factory, and then we’re going to have a look at the NASA space center down near Webster And when I say we, that’s because I’m going to be meeting up with a special guest for this trip I’m meeting up with Johnny Hemberger, who runs a local radio show called Geek Therapy

I’ve participated in his show on several occasions We’ve agreed to meet at the top of the parking garage for iHeart Radio He’s also brought a special car that we’re going to cruise around in for the rest of the trip All right, so this is what you’re going to chauffeur me around in? What year is it first of all? 1983! Hey David Except I don’t know how that car from the future got here

Yeah, I took off the flux capacitor a long time ago because it guzzled too much plutonium Well, you need to get the, what it is? Mr Fusion Put all the friggin soda cans and banana peels in it Yeah, it seems kind of crazy that Doc Brown was able to make MrFusion, you know the amount of energy that must produce, and yet he couldn’t have it drive the wheels

Right! Still had to have gasoline! If you want to play the loophole game with Back to the Future, we could be here all day discussing it Johnny took me into the iHeart Radio building for a brief tour of where he works This is my station, this is the station that I am on And so this is where Geek Therapy Radio is produced After that, it was time to hop into the DeLorean and start our trip around town

All right cool I got a little strap here to pull it in Yep, strap or handle or whatever you want to use Alright, I’ve never done this before

Don’t be dainty Perfect That was absolutely perfect I’m definitely not accustomed to doors like that Gull wing doors

But the model-X has gull wing doors Yeah, but it’s all automatic yeah It’s all electronically controlled Let’s put the key in here that’s not blank

There we go So, Johnny and I set off on our 2 day long mission to explore some tech history of Houston Yeah, so I figure, traffic Famous Houston traffic We’re going nowhere fast right now

So, we might as well talk about the car a little bit I bought this car when I was 17 years old in the year 2000, so July 2000 I bought it for less than what a used Honda Civic cost, which surprised a lot of people Back then, that era, 2000s, internet wasn’t like it was today Nobody cared about the DeLorean outside of Back to the Future

It wasn’t really a classic car at that time, it was maybe 18 years old, 17 years old, it was exactly my age, actually This car is an ’83, I was born in ’83 So yeah, I picked it up, bought it real cheap They thought it didn’t run I changed a 50 cent engine control fuse, charged the battery, drove it away

I didn’t rip them off or anything It was a classic car dealership They said part of the price is you’ll diagnose whatever is going on with it And I did and I drove it home Delivered pizza with it, for two years

This doesn’t seem like a pizza delivery vehicle No But it is a testament, and I’m trying to knock on wood Actually the back parcel shelf is made out of wood, like a lot of old cars I’ve actually never ridden in a Delorean before

I’ve sat in one Back in, I think you might have seen the video at the Florida, it was the Maker Faire And they had one that was all decked out like the Back to the Future car They let me sit in it, but I’ve never actually ridden in one before So, I’m sorry that I don’t have any Freon in the A/C

And that’s one of the things, and it does I haven’t converted it to R134 so it is still on old Freon There is some stuff you can get called Redtech that fills in the gap, but anyway doesn’t matter because there’s none in it right now, obviously Yeah, and this Texas heat is starting to I’m starting to sweat a little bit

A stainless steal convection oven But, it would probably be a lot better once we get moving down the highway and we get a little bit of air But you told me earlier that you’ve never ridden in an electric car before I haven’t I’ve never driven one, I’ve never even sat inside of one when it was off

I’ve never been in an electric car I’ve been in hybrids But I’ve never been in a Tesla Or even a plug-in hybrid I’ve never been in a Volt

OK, well we’ll have to fix that later We’ll fix it later So, tell us a little bit about where we are going Alright, we, funny you should ask We are on the way to the Delorean Motor in Humble, Texas

It is the world headquarters for DeLorean parts and restoration Somethings got to be clarified there Humble, Texas A lot of people are going to look at the map and and it starts with an H So they are going to think it is Humble, Texas

That’s how it is supposed to be pronounced in English But, it is one of those colloquialisms It’s easy to tell if you’re not, you know, from out of town Are we going to Humble? Nope, we’re going to Humble Still drives my wife from Virginia crazy

Everything seemed to be going along really well But then, disaster struck The Delorean started to sound like a tea kettle, and steam started pouring out the rear The engine had overheated We assumed it was from being stuck in a traffic jam in the hot Texas sun

After letting it cool down, we managed to make it to a gas station where Johnny bought some coolant It seemed to be very low, which was concerning After starting up the car again, we noticed the problem A rubber coolant hose had burst and coolant was just spewing out of it So, we had to use a different car for the rest of the trip

So, in a different car now, we are entering the somewhat rural neighborhood where DeLorean is located And here it is The building is painted to look like stainless steel, just like the cars OK, so we have arrived at the Delorean Motor Company Unfortunately, we didn’t make it in the actual DeLorean, but we did make it here

I would mention that we’re not allowed to go inside because of the whole virus situation we’ve got right now, but that’s fine, I just wanted to give a big thanks out to Carfection, they did us to use some of their footage, so we can show you what it does look like on the inside So, what do they do here? This is the world headquarters for restoring and servicing DeLorean motor cars, there’s more than you might think They produced about 9,000 of them, and this is the world headquarters So, right here in Humble, Texas, just outside of Houston, they have a few other satellite facilities one in Las Angeles, up in the midwest, east coast, and then a couple in Europe And this is where they service all of the DeLoreans

This is the world headquarters right here So, Back to the Future, all of the history of the DeLorean motor company going defunct, and it all ends up right here with the Delorean Motor Company in Humble, Texas Pretty cool Do they still make new ones here? Yes Yes and no

They do make new ones out of new old-stock parts So, they basically have an inventory They have enough When DeLorean when into receivership, they still had enough parts left over to to build something on the order of over 10,000 new cars They never got to that, they built 9,000 and the rest was history

But all of the remaining parts, most of them are here It’s kind of a long story But all of the parts wound up here at the DeLorean Motor company and the various satellite facilities So you can still buy new DeLoreans using new old-stock, zero-mile motors, but there are some improvements to the parts, like the coolant system! So, there are updated parts in that category You can get new exhaust and new suspension, bring it up to more power, more speed, and more reliability

Which is something I should probably think about in the near future But it’s all based here at the Delorean Motor Company in Humble, TX Alright, so we’ve had a look at DeLorean Not much we can do here So, now I think we’re going to go try to hunt down the original Compaq factory

Wouldn’t that be something? That would be something Let’s go see if we can find it! Compaq, being one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world, was based right here in Houston I have had numerous Compaq’s over the years My favorites being my 486 laptop, but my absolute favorite is my original Compaq Portable 1 This is the first computer they ever built, and the first successful IBM clone in the market

Finding their most recent facilities is pretty easy, everyone knows where that is But it was a huge challenge to find the original location I got most of my clues by watching this documentary on YouTube called the Compaq Story It’s an old video that has been captured from VHS tape, and it’s a pretty cool story to watch if you can tolerate the poor audio and video quality It features several interviews from Jim Harris, Bill Murto, and Rod Canion, the original founders of the company

But I’ll show you some of the clues we are given In this section, Murto talks about sketching out the first design at the House of Pies, and a photo is shown of the location So, we went to a place called The House of Pies, which is just a short distance from there And then we started to discuss how we might build a computer We actually started to draw this up on the back of a placemat

So, Johnny and I set out to see if we could find it And actually, it wasn’t that hard because the location still exists today, and is still called the House of Pies I didn’t expect it to be open under the current situation, but I walked up to the door and saw that it was in fact open at 25% occupancy So, Johnny and I decided to go in and have some pie OK, so we actually decided to come in to the House of Pies

I don’t know if we’re at the exact same table where Bill Murto and Rod Canion scribbled out the first Compaq design or not Somewhere But these pies sure are big aren’t they? Just look, that’s like 3 slices of pie That’s probably my daily allotment of calories right here I didn’t need to get an extra for my wife, I could have just saved this

Yeah, what do you think this is? 1,000 calories? 1,500? Probably 2,000 right here It’s brain food, its what you conceive of computers Yeah, well, these are what Compaq computers were conceived of The next clue was when they talked about their first office The first office that we had was composed of a small office in a bank building on Jones road

Allied cypress bank building So, we headed out to Jones road and started looking for a building that looks like that, fortunately, it was a distinctive looking building and we found it right away It’s located at 12339 Jones road Only now it is a Wells-Fargo building So this was the office where the Compaq Portable 1 was designed for nearly a year before they were ready to manufacture it

At this time, the company was actually called Gateway Technology, but would later change the name to Compaq And now it was time for the next clue The next move we made was when we moved over to Perry road To again, just the most spacious offices you can imagine We had cows in the back, along with a donkey and things like that

So, we headed out to Perry Road, and admittedly this was more of a challenge to find But we eventually identified the location at 12330 Perry Road The front two buildings look almost exactly the same, but everything else has changed Alright, and so here we are, I’m walking in front of one of the original offices for the Compaq factory Now there’s these two buildings here, which I presume they used for offices, and there’s the actual factory

So as you can see, it doesn’t look much like a factory any more They’ve converted it into a church It’s now Crossover Bible Fellowship But I think maybe we could call it the Church of Compaq? That’s right! That sounds good! These two square buildings were both the original offices The one on the right is now a daycare center

These front offices is most likely where this photo was taken of the original three guys and the Compaq Portable 1 These photos here would have been taken in the larger building in back I made many attempts to contact both the church and the daycare center weeks prior to my trip, but neither one would return my calls or emails It’s possible they are just shut down due to the current situation with the virus Or maybe they just aren’t interested in computer history

Who knows Of course, there have been quite a few changes to the landscape of this area, let’s talk about a few of them OK, so I’ve been trying to figure out where the Compaq sign is that I see in the old photo that used to be right here on a brick stand And it took me a little while to figure out because it doesn’t even look like there would be room for such a thing here, and what I eventually figured out is that this used to be a two-lane road with no median there, and as they’ve expanded the road out they’ve encroached into the original area, so this grassy area here used to extend much further out and that’s where the sign was Let’s take a look at some views from Google Earth

This is what the property looks like today And I’m going to go back to 2002 in a moment, and what you’ll notice is that this body of water was not there before, this road was much more narrow, and these houses were not built yet So, let’s have a look So yeah, 18 years ago, things looked quite different But keep in mind Compaq was still long gone from this building even in 2002

So we’re going to go back again to 1989 And almost everything you see here will be gone except for the three Compaq buildings But I want you to pay special attention to this section of the building OK Here we go

So, as you can see, that part of the building was added on well after Compaq moved out of the facility In fact, it’s very likely they were already gone by the time this photo was taken in 1989 But this definitely fits with the description in the video that they were surrounded by cow pastures Oh, and you can just barely make out the brick sign here in front If only I had taken my Compaq portable one with me on the trip, it could have revisited its own birthplace

One little quick diversion We wanted to drive by Howard Hughes home, which I think is now a museum It’s this red brick house here There’s actually a small sign out in front that says this is the house of Howard Hughes, but you can’t see it because of these cars that are parked in front Maybe someday I’ll explore this in more detail

So now we were off to NASA to have a look at the space center there NASA has always been based out of Houston, Texas This is where the astronauts lived and worked, where technology was developed, and of course where mission control was located Of course, it’s still located here today and the facility is open to the public for tours There are a lot of things you can see here

I’ve actually been here several times but never thought to take a picture of myself But good friend of the channel Perifractic did take some photos And one thing you may notice is that there are two mission control rooms, the new one, and the old one that you can see here There he is at the controls like he knows what he’s doing I’d probably be more interested in seeing the old one myself

So here we are at the NASA Johnson space center Of course, this is the official premises where actual work happens The public portion of the facility is the next road down by these two jet planes This is where you’d want to be anyway as they have all of the cool things to look at, including a full sized space shuttle atop of the special 747 that was used to carry it between launch and landing locations This building here actually contains a full Saturn V rocket, just like was used to launch astronauts to the moon

It used to be out in the open like this I actually took this photo myself many years ago But now it is inside this building to protect it from the elements They also have a mockup of the international space station that you can look at, as well as original capsules on display from Mercury and Apollo missions But this is all closed right now due to the virus

We were actually told we could get a private tour for the channel, but we’d have to come back later after the pandemic was over So if that’s something you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll consider returning here later But for the moment, let me show you some other fun things that aren’t necessarily at the space center For example, there is this McDonalds right near the entrance with an astronaut on the roof and a space-themed interior OK, so we’re leaving the NASA center now and Johnny thought it might be an interesting thought to go by and see where some of the astronauts lived

Because they actually live just, or lived just right down the road from here Yeah, 32 miles according to the Tesla navigation system So, we were talking about the short commute to work Until you have to go to the moon and it gets a little bit

I guess technically speaking Niel Armstrong, one of his workplaces was on the surface of the moon So, he had to commute a long way to get there But that’s a pretty cool commute I wouldn’t mind taking that commute one day in my life But yeah, so all of the astronauts, Gemeni, Apollo, all of those missions from the ‘60s and onward, they lived nearby

This is just a normal town, it’s in a town called Webster and we’re going to a neighborhood called El Laugo And some people call it moonwalkers village or whatever because We’re only going to two houses Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, because it would literally take hours if not all day to visit every single astronaut’s house from the time period They all lived in this neighborhood, so it should be pretty fascinating, I think

Since your baby had some problems yesterday with overheating, we’re driving the Tesla today So, how do you compare the two? Well, it’s very nice when you don’t have coolant hoses to explode And I will say those hoses were 40 year old rubber So, cut it some slack I’m very happy that we could isolate the problem

That helps when troubleshooting Like a burst artery, found it Yeah, and not only that, but that’s a fairly standard part, it’s not like it’s a DeLorean specific part You can get a rubber hose anywhere Right

Engine is fine, drive train is fine, brakes, everything is fine Yeah, so going from the DeLorean to the Tesla a car that was designed for the future, to a car that was, that is in the current future It is quite the trip I would love to have a Tesla one day This is my first time in any EV period

I went from the DeLorean into the Tesla It is quite an experience, I should say People, the first thing they notice in an EV is obviously the silence, the engine’s not running But one thing, David, I did notice is once you’re rolling, it sounds like The sound in the cabin is like most luxury cars, it’s very quiet in here, versus kind of a cheaper car like an old 1989 Toyota Corolla or something like that, you’d hear all of the road noise and everything

Actually, what I hear mostly, is the sound of other car’s engines around me, like that truck that just passed I heard its engine and it’s not even my car Yeah, this is nice, going from retro-future to actual future Yeah, I know there are still detractors out there that don’t think that EVs are the future But, I’m willing to bet most of them have never actually ridden in or driven one

And I know so many people who, that’s what changed their minds Its like, you can read all about it, you can watch YouTube videos, but until you actually experience it A lot of people think its about environmentalism, or they think it’s about you know the economics of saving money at the gas pump or whatever, but you have to actually get in and drive one before you really realize, it just immediately feels like the future to me That’s why I was hooked And it’s a good

So, what Elon Musk did was made EVs attractive and sexy and a product that’s just good and that people would want to buy So, that somebody who doesn’t care about environmentalism, so to speak, is just going to think a Tesla is cool either way And be interested in the Tesla It just so happens that it’s electric and it’s zero emission and I think he’s onto something with that Well, exactly, and Tesla, because they only sell electric cars, they have very much incentive to make the cars as desirable as possible, where the other manufacturers, they’re like “well, we don’t want to make our EVs too attractive because they’ll compete with our more profitable gas cars

” And that’s always been this dichotomy that just changes the whole landscape of how the cars are designed right So, we’re driving around the neighborhood here where all of the astronauts lived Johnny over here is filming out the window so you can see some of the footage Now, these homes, they’re nice looking homes

They’re definitely They have that 1960s kind of look to them But they’re not like run-down or anything like that They’re It’s modest

yeah Yeah, they’re in really good shape It’s a neighborhood I wouldn’t mind living in And we’re just, it says 1 minute away from Neil Armstrong’s home, which looks like it’s going to be on the left side So, all of this B-Roll I’m filming right now

We are most definitely passing by other astronauts houses It’s easier just to isolate a couple than to tell you about every single one Just assume that half the houses we’re going by have been lived in by an astronaut or at least NASA personnel yeah So imagine living here and just seeing Neil Armstrong mowing his yard one Saturday morning

That’s what it was yeah We’re looking for 1003, that’s 907 Is it that fancy one there No it’s this one

We’ll turn around and get it We just passed Neil Armstrong’s home We’ll get a better shot of it We’re going to turn around, we’ll get a better shot Can you imagine living, like in Neil Armstrong’s home? Just, every day to know that this is your house that you live in! If I was a billionaire, I wouldn’t be trying to build a mansion, I’d be putting bids on the astronaut’s houses

That’s where I’d want to live! Here’s Neil There it is and whoever lives there Awesome Neil Armstrong’s house

In just a normal, quaint neighborhood of Houston Now let’s go to Buzz Aldrin’s So, we just passed Neil Armstrong’s home, now we’re headed to Buzz Aldrin’s home and he literally lives within walking distance It’s just like a couple of blocks away So, we’ll be there in just a minute

So, to be clear, Buzz Aldrin at least of the time of making this video, is actually still alive I know Neil passed away a few years ago But I don’t think he still lives in this house This is just where he lived at the time he was working for NASA Alright, we’re almost there, it’s going to be on the left

It think we actually passed this one on the way in So, it’s going to be one of these houses right here There’s 204 So wow, that’s a really unassuming looking house there, if that’s 206, which is probably is This is where Buzz Aldrin lived

What’s that say on the door? It says 206 Does it? Ok, it’s a little faded Buzz Aldrin’s house, when he worked for NASA He’s got a squirrel living there There’s one of his squirrels

He bud, going to space any time soon? Have any space nuts? And so that about wraps up everything I wanted to show from Houston, so it was time for me to head back to Dallas I want to give out a big thanks to Guy Chapman in Corsicana and Johnny Hemberger here in Houston for all of their help Johnny took some of this amazing drone footage, which I think definitely helped make this episode more interesting I would also like to mention his show again It’s called Geek Therapy Radio and I have been a regular guest on the show for quite a while, along with Clint from LGR and numerous other technology geeks

If you liked this episode, just wait for the trip to Austin We had 3 topics here in Houston, I have like 12 planned for Austin So, stick around for that one, and thanks for watching!

Source: Youtube

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