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Tech exp:Season 1:Episode 1: The introduction


hi guys I'm JRishikesh

So this is the first episode of tech XP so I know that I made the announcement video which is as the first one made of this video so anyway I'm going to talk about my life experience, technology and YouTube channels which comes in the name so anyway so today I'm going to talk about my favorite YouTube channel and you can see he is is a role model for me so anyway these season that is season 1 season 2 and such that will consist of 22 episodes which will have some frequent changes I'm very nervous and excited about this so that's enough of boring you guys so now we're going to start 3 2 1 So I'm going to talk about my favorite YouTube channel list and he's pretty much an inspiration and a role model for me so I told you that I'm going to be making Minecraft videos and it is going to be related with them so I'm just going to give a clue about him He has a very big nice fluffy mustache and skin and he's redstone god

You know he is the best in redstone and he's a micro flare so if you don't get it he's pretty much mumbo jumbo ok he's the best I just don't know how to express it Well he was the he's like a person He's the person that made me love Minecraft

My dad bought me Minecraft for like a long time but it was just in the corner of the room and ever since I started seeing him I really wanted to get in the Minecraft mood So mumbo jumbo if you're watching this this t-shirt is dedicated for you You know perfect gentleman the mustache stuff So just know I just want to play in the hermitcraft server with you and you're the you're the you're the best you're the best I I just don't know how to tell about you how

Mumbo jumbo please again if you're watching I like you very much 3 2 1 and as you see this know the mumbo-jumbo Clips playing here and these are the reasons why I like them pretty much and if you want to see this video for yourself the links will be in the description and okay so you pretty much tell that i am changing my costume for like every one to two minutes and my videos are going to be shot so from now I'm not going to change my costumes or anything but the things that are going to change are order of sections and my status in YouTube Okay so hope you guys enjoyed this video please be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and do all the stuff necessary to make me a YouTube star so anyways I am JRishikesh and for the last time I just want to be like Mumbo Jumbo okay so anyway that's it and that's all the time that I got today so thank you please be sure to like subscribe Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

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