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Tech Deck Fingerboard Skateboard Indonesia | Unboxing Review


Hello everyone, Assalamualaikum I haven't seen it for a long time, again, I'm the same as Galang Piliang and, so, this afternoon I went to Asemka Market to buy Tech Deck which is pretty much for me to sell This is the same Tech Deck I bought AIRBUS aircraft replica so, I used to once reviewed a Tech Deck which video is this well from there the view is quite a lot, and also those who want to buy are also pretty much yes, so, in this video I want one one review uh

the product for those who want to buy, I lower the price yes at Tokopedia, yes, you can see it This price is 23,900 you can just choose whether you want A, B, C or whatever This is only selling 6, right? from 4 transactions okay so, em we see one product starting from first okay so this is there the product is from girl huh this form is rich this is the first I have a session from girl again there are 3 of them Where did I start, this is the first time, yeah, this is the first this is the second one rather so it doesn't look like that so bounce like that well here it is this form is rich okay this is the second, there's still one more girl left

where? right there were 3 right? well, one more it's a little orange the picture board is rich like this so there he is on girl we have 3 there are 3 types in this series go on we have World Industries the first color is green like this the sticker is the same, like my video yesterday World Industries only exists this time we only have 2 World Industries this is pretty good, it looks like it's going to sell first the price I pointed out wasn't necessarily there is still yes, it's just a promo, and at any time can change so we have World Industries 2 continued, already 5 items that we pointed out the most habitat is yes, but I want to point out the ones Flip first, Flip also has 2 this is the first Flip Okay 1 again Flip to 2 the original color cat, uh this yellow mah This sticker is rich so we have 2 Flip go on, the most of us Habitat the remaining 5 yes, this is the first Habitat this is the sticker

The stickers are all the same, huh like this continue to 2 okay this is the 3rd Habitat This is the brother who took it when I bought it the agent can't choose it, so

given him random what is this? this is the 4th then the last one, this is really cute oh So we have a total of 5 habitats this 3 continues, there are 2 more and all of us are only there we only bought a dozen, so, friend, friend if you want to buy it can go directly to the link that I love, just

the price I can't guarantee will be the same and the stock I can't guarantee will always be there then we will This unboxing, I bought em 3 aircraft models AIRBUS model This is all AIRBUS, I mean, the AIRBUS 2 sticker then AIR ASIA 1 and RI airplane 1 if not wrong next video so that's it, thank you for watching don't forget if you want to buy this item

Here are many there are a dozen and it looks like I will add more later if it sells well you can check what I said earlier on Tokopedia, here it is tuh you can buy it there and also this plane will also be sold to Kopedia the link is in the video which I will make later okay that's it, Assalamualaikum

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