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tech bytes ep 4 face time tv and more


Hey guys welcome to Tech Bytes episode 4 I’ve almost reached 50 subscribers, I’m very excited and grateful

Thanks to all of you who subscribed and commented I do actively respond so if you have any questions just comment on the video anyway let’s get started (intro) This first one’s kind of scary, it comes from Tech Radar an online tech publication They said that an update called KB4515384 We’ll call it kb

KB was made to solve an issue where Cortana was using too many recourses and slowing down computers The update fixed that problem but caused many more On some computers the update messed with the in-game sound and even broke the internet connection (dramatic music) (stop) At this time the only known way to fix the internet issue is to downgrade windows

This next article from BGR a technology-influenced news site They reported that Facebook just announced their new devices one of which is called the Portal tv it’s basic it turns your TV into a Facebook video chat device it’s basically a camera with an HDMI connector and WIFI I wouldn’t trust my information with Facebook because of their terrible track record on security It might be okay for very close families But overall I think that it’s good that Facebook is getting into the digital assistant market to regain customers

C|net an American media website reported that Huawei released the brand-new mate 30 pro First, it comes with new cameras Ultrawide, Super Sensing wide, telephoto and laser focus photography the one that I’m going to talk about is the super sensing wide Super sensing wide is an extremely high-quality wide-angle camera for example my camera is 28Mp this one is 40mp and the 28mp one is $401

this phone sells for $885 so it’s a pretty good deal Wait don’t update your phone to iOS 13 yet! At least that’s what CNBC wants you to think they say that IOS 13 is super buggy right now and to wait until 131 some apps don’t even open They also said that features such as multi device listening where you can hook up two air pods and then listen on both pairs with someone else are not in IOS They’ve even gone as far as to ask Apple developer Steve Troughton-Smith what he thought, and he said that it was bad and buggy

So yeah, I agree you should probably hold off from updating until Tuesday Tech crunch another tech news site reported that google is creating google assistant on a payphone You dial the number and then guess what google assistant answers One other feature is that you can use google translate to have a conversation with someone that doesn’t speak your language Thanks for watching if you disliked this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed and maybe consider buying the stuff we featured at the link in the video description


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