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Tech Bytes #2 – PUBG Lite, Apple, Samsung Note 10, Xiaomi, Vivo Z1 Pro, Realme X, Google, Tata Sky


Hello guys I am Roshan Dash- and this is tech village Let's go through some interesting tech news in this episode of tech bytes

Please put in the effort to subscribe Thanks guys now let's get started Google released a new standard for extensions this year which is called manifest v3 What it basically does is it renders all the web extensions like ad blockers useless it will be implemented from July so let's see what's gonna come Indians are making headlines around the world IIT Madras an Institute in Chennai started working on the Shakti project in 2016 to release a family of six classes of processors for different purposes like TV smart phones personal computers servers etc

Now they're ready for app development Basically they have released it These are India's first CPUs India is showing interest in designing its own processors rather than relying on US based manufacturers like AMD and Intel LG unveiled the G8s THINQ it is an affordable version of the G8 THINQ with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and tripled rear cameras

To reduce the price they have decreased the display resolution and also the cameras are a bit inferior compared to the G8 THINQ Let's hope this can get LG back on track but I don't think so Tara Sky has released its annual flexi plan Recharge for 12 months and get one month free Xiaomi CC9 CC9e and CC9 meitu edition with tripled rear cameras were launched in China yesterday

The Mi CC9 is powered by the Snapdragon 710 SOC while the Mi CC9e is powered by the Snapdragon 665 SOC There's also a CC9 Mi custom Edition that has been launched alongside which is completely identical to the MI CC9 in terms of hardware except for its RAM, Storage and Color The CC9 is roughly 18,000 rupees for the 6 GB plus 64 GB storage and it is around 639 inches the Mi CC9e is around 13,000 rupees for 4gb RAM and 64gb storage It has a 6

09 inch display Both have a 4040 mAh battery with Qualcomm quick charge 4 support They both house the in display fingerprint sensor The 6 GB RAM 64 GB storage variant of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 pro is available on Flipkart for 15,990 now Previously only the 4gb ram 64gb storage variant and the 6 gb ram 128 gb storage variants were available

Now the 6 GB RAM 64 GB is also available PubG is going to release a lite version tomorrow, July 4th with a Hindi language option I hope that's good news for all the people who were crying that their phone does not support PubG I hope it does now Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be announced on August 7th

They have released a promo on Twitter which looks pretty cool I guess it'll feature a punch hole display based on the trailer they released these are teaser trailers what I would say Apple might launch an iPhone with an under display fingerprint scanner in China It is because all the faces look almost similar in China just kidding just kidding guys they're doing this just to reduce the price because the face ID is pretty expensive So, if they replace it with a touch ID or the fingerprint sensors what it's normally called it'll become pretty cheap

And they can probably decrease the prices of iPhones in India but I don't think by much Apple is going to offer free replacements for all its MacBook 2018 air units because some of them might have a faulty logic board Realme has announced July 15th as it's Realme X launch date They have also confirmed a spider-man Edition Vivos Z1 Pro India has launched today it starts at 14,990 and the sale starts from 11 July ,12 noon on Flipkart

It's the first phone in India to feature a snapdragon 712 soC It also features a massive 5000 mAh battery and last but not the least Jony Ive is leaving Apple and starting a new firm He was the guy who designed the iPod, iPhone, MacBook, iMac, iPhone and all the Apple products that you so belovedly love His designs were the inspiration for the whole tech community to follow suit like the Ultrabook, smartphones etc etc It's really sad to know that he's leaving Apple after 27 years

He's actually a living legend in the world of design As of now his plans are to start a new design firm called loveFrom and apple will be one of its main clients So let's see how it goes Thanks for watching guys I want you to like it if you liked the video share and please subscribe bye bye

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