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Tech and You – 1


Good morning all ! And thank you for watching this little video! Last weekend, I was quietly with my family chatting – and we must know that we have two entrepreneurs among them What they sell and what they do is absolutely not important

What is it is that they told me that their bank came to them to present their new app The system is simple Every customer who makes a transaction and who is also a customer of the bank leaves a trace of its passage This anonymous data is analyzed by the bank What is new is that the bank is doing its service to help businesses (SMEs) to better target their customers

Since a bank is divided into a Pro and a Private branch, we link the company's data and the bank's individual customers to help entrepreneurs to be better clients for the bank All while protecting the identity of customers All thanks to high-performance databases capable of linking data in innovative ways

Can you imagine the business potential behind this system? That's what technology does today Do you recognize yourself in this example? do not hesitate to leave me a message or a comment

Source: Youtube

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