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Teacher Tech 101: How to use Prezi as Visual Aid (part 3)


Hello My name is Louie Today I will discuss what is Prezi and how can we use this tool as teacher Prezi short for presentation business person use this tool to present their Business report as teacher, we use this tool to present our lesson how to start using Prezi? wwwprezi

com then, press "Enter" you will see this home page of Prezi then click "Get started" button after that, we will see the four version we can choose from Basic

Individual Education and Business as teacher we can choose Education But, I'll just choose the "Basic version" Later on this video I'll explain why I like this version So, after clicking the Basic next click the "Continue button" this part will pop up we need to fill this info

then, click the box "I'm not a robot" and click "I certify" Then, click "Create your free Basic account" let me explain this part, briefly when using Basic version we can view our finished presentation in any devices (smartphone, tablet, PC) as long as we download in playstore or google play Prezi apps this part shows the limitation of Basic version because it is only free version ok so after we fill this one up we will see the Home page of Prezi this is my account this is our Prezi

lets start creating presentation Double left click to edit this box it is very easy to insert photo from our PC in Prezi Copy, Paste, Resize, Edit, Delete and Insert images easy right? we need to use the shortcut in keyboard to copy the item/s in Prezi (ctrl+C) to copy & (ctrl+V) to paste we can also use the wheel cursor of our mouse to zoom in and zoom out as you can see, it is very easy to arrange our slides in Prezi if you are done creating presentation click "Present" button then click "Start Presentation" left click you can also click the image you can also use the left and right arrow in keyboard to zoom in and zoom out on my own opinion Prezi is better than MS Powerpoint we can attract the attention of our student all know even if we ask our student directly they are bored in Powerpoint presentaion thats the advatage of Prezi

also if we master using Prezi it be easy for us to create presentaion the disadvantage of this tool you need to be connected in internet so we can show our student the slides presentation we created from Prezi as teacher we can easily solve this problem using our gadget, hotspot as long we deliver our lesson to our student to get their attention that's enough for us even we spend our own money from time to time ok so this is the end of my report Thank you! to leave this presentation just press ESC in upper left corner of keyboard I hope you learned something from this video Connecting my Tablet to Flat Screen TV I am using AnyCast & Castto apps Flat screen TV Serves as my Visual Aids I all ready download the Prezi app from Playstore log in my email and password you can see the different presentation I created Please Subscribe, Share & Like the video you can also leave a comment Thank you!!

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