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TCL e Alcatel trazem novos smartphones básicos na Eletrolar 2018


Brazil is a market with a predominance of entry smartphones and cheap intermediaries The Brazilian consumer does not want to have a high-end device and manufacturers know this

Alcatel has one of its largest markets in the country And now it will divide the consumers with TCL being the first brand with the most basic devices, same input and the TCL with the devices slightly more advanced, already arriving in the intermediate category The first TCL handsets were presented at the Eletrolar Show and the Cellular was checking See what we found in the next few minutes TCL has been rehearsing its entry into the mobile device market since last year

The idea finally came true, but not exactly with original devices The four devices presented by the company are nothing more, nothing less that four of the five devices announced by Alcatel at MWC18, which we have already conferred The most basic of all is the L9, which was released out there as 1X It's a very simple smartphone with Android Oreo Go only 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage for a screen of 53 inches whose resolution does not even reach 720p

The suggested price of this device is R $ 659 reais In the band a little above we have the C5, which we know originally as Alcatel 3 Android in here is already the full version of Oreo with more RAM and storage, plus a slightly larger screen with HD + and ratio 18: 9, which is not present only in the aforementioned L9 of the TCL The suggested price already rises to 829 reais The third handset was named C9 in Brazil, and it's the Alcatel 3V we know in Barcelona

The screen increases a bit more and the resolution on to Full HD + The processor has four cores, just like the other two The C9 is practically the C5 with larger screen and dual rear camera The price is also higher, reaching 929 reais Finally, the fourth and most advanced of the class is the T7, originally called Alcatel 5

The processor here already has eight cores, and the device has 3 GB of RAM but maintains the 32 GB of internal storage The screen size is between the C5 and C9, and the resolution is HD + which even helps to offer a slightly greater fluidity The double camera is in front, for wide-angle self-images or in a more closed frame It is possible to let the device itself choose whether to activate the wide-angle if you detect more people on the board The price is also the saltier of all, reaching 1,099 reais

The C5 and C9 already run Android Oreo, while the T7 comes with Nougat installed You can not understand the logic, but that's fine Now talking about Alcatel the brand has two new appliances in the Brazilian market using the original manufacturer's name Among the novelties we have 3C, which was not presented in the MWC The device is very basic, also with a quad-core processor only 1 GB of RAM, 16 gigabytes of internal storage 3G connectivity and Android Nougat installed

The device is basically a version of the TCL C5 with simple rear camera and more modest hardware And also has a much lower price, and can be found at 629 reais Finally, we have the Alcatel 1, which is a smaller model of the 1X, or TCL L9 in the Brazilian market The Alcatel 1 screen has 5 inches and the rest is the same as the larger model including the use of the version of Android Oreo Go The price is the lowest of all models presented by the group at Eletrolar which can be found for 499 reais

All these devices are priced within the marketplace currently which is, unfortunately, loud, even All will still be manufactured domestically in Manaus and TCL devices will be covered by Alcatel after all, they are all from the same company, Semp TCL here in Brazil You already find the two Alcatel smartphones on the company website while others are scheduled to hit stores between August and September You can find more details on all these smartphones in the complete article on our website The link is here in the description

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