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Sunpeaks has AMAZING TECH TRAILS! | Jordan Boostmaster


The weather is cooling down finally, things are getting wetter This is one of the last days that the Sun Peaks bike park was open for mountain biking back in September I'm riding today with Wesley, and we're just doing a day trip up here Some Peaks is about 45 minutes outside of Kamloops It's a pretty different kind of terrain compared to Whistler It's been about three years since I was here last the problem with some of these other lifts accessed mountains in BC is they're only open for about three months because they're higher elevation and location in the interior BC the elevation at the top of the Sun Peaks bike park is 1850 meters while whistlers garbanzo chair goes up to 1686 meters so you can kind of see why they may not be able to stay open as long

Ready to send it bro?! Yeah, you go first, okay, you said you wanted you Alright Hitting up some Sunpeaks! So I believe this first trail is the Kaboom And then we are going into Steam Shovel Steam shovel is Sun Peaks answer to A-line the big jump trail Wesley and I spent some time trying to get it dialed But I want to reserve that whole trail for my next video So what we're doing in this video is we're gonna be covering a lot of the fun tech trails that Sun Peaks has to offer Lots of black diamond and double black diamond tech It's really fun stuff Alright, let's try a Honey Drop I Jump right All right So what's the got a flat tire before I was filming? so in the meantime what I'm doing here is I'm just gonna do a run by myself and we're gonna try out some fun double blacks and I was Quite delighted with what I found

I didn't end up using my gimbal today because I thought it might have been too wet So I just stuck with my helmet cam I hope it doesn't get too bumpy or annoying for you guys Oh Boy Oh, here's Darling here Haha, wait, oh oh baby Oh Man yeah, that was gnarly That was worth the double black diamond Oh Just on the breaks the whole time

Oh, okay You just watch the middle friend you're breaking now Next singers getting tired Oh cool What no more guys are you guys Haha, oh dude this car Alright Oh Baby Okay, I don't more I'm Resurrection, let's try resurrection Huit one, all right, you know what let's try sweet 1/3 sweet one is cool So sorry this this Game kind of like no one rides this

Whoa horn Wow I love me then bridges back At school love the wooden Sweet one was one of my favorite trails there It really stood out to me because it's not look like I was riding a bike part It looked like I was riding out in the middle of nowhere riding some just great single traffic It's pretty cool Like the Sun I don't know about you But I actually prefer to ride trails that are not in bike parts to the most part because they're not beaten to shreds They're not so wide I really love to ride on the unbeaten path, you know feeling like you're in the middle of nowhere in the mountains It's a really cool vibe and I actually get that on this trail even though I'm actually in a bike park Oh Interesting, I think that one's home run I think but let's continue sweet one Cool oh it's not lower down in the valley Oh, baby Pray I'd rather Oh What the heck what did I do? What the heck I Hope it can attach on just fine I don't know how it goes Like that There you go Okay, well very much got it on but I think you need to replace that to drop out thing or whatever you want to call it Dude, this is a cool trail though never ridden this before in my life All right Nice So now that Wesley's back we're gonna be doing some more exploring in the park Check it out some more check There's also a pretty cool jump Park here, but that will also be featured in the next video though Sit oh Yeah, oh wait Bam Bam Mini steeps Oh, yeah, we can either DVI we can do D H or high octane and then we can make it into spinning Steve

That's cool Free ride, let's do some free ride Oh Sick for your ID line, bro We are gonna do some more exploring over the park checking out some more tech we are pretty stoked of what we found here definitely what you want a downhill bike for our favorite part are these open straight down sections where you can just let loose There's such a blast Baby that is my downhill bike Hopefully get another freaking hot tire What It didn't pop you didn't get a flat Oh, let's say I do I was like afraid for you there man, that was a gnarly stuff Oh, it's gorgeous out now So once we get to the next road, then we go up to Smitty steeps That I enjoy a lot the single black diamond because you can go faster on it, it's not so like sketch It's just cool coming to those like open like steep parts just straight down It's like whoa, dude pretty fun Yeah, that's kind of like some of the highlights of this parking Let's see what this ends like It's many steeps All right, I see What it really is deeper than it looks on GoPro the GoPro effect is real with this one All right, what dude Fun Well closer you behind me on you, but I thought I was gonna die the whole time It sounded like you're like right on me I'm surprised you were like freaked open Yeah, yeah Oh would Find some more No right here right here left Sweet one This would be fun Cool man, it's like kind of different terrain like lots of other children Just sorta like by River Sweet one is the kind of trail that I want to ride more of and I'm gonna have to look outside of bike parks to really find those kind of trails and that's something that I plan on doing more of this year is Riding just in the middle of nowhere single track techy stuff

I really enjoy this So I hope to find a whole lot more epic stuff like this this year Oh boy, oh my freaking goodness, haha, okay Well, that's a good jump send the jump oh Yeah, I think that's where I've urged in last time So for our last run of the day we went back to the flow trails And as I said, you will see that in the next video centered around steam shovel and the jump Park stay tuned

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