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Success story: quantilope — Growing quantilope’s Tech Team in Hamburg


The biggest challenge for quantilope regarding hiring was really to get the right tech talent, so to say, because I mean it's a fierce competition out there and of course everyone tries to find the best persons out there That was quite a tough time for us

So we tried it first with a lot of like different headhunting agencies but then we were recommended to ACELR8 and that really makes a huge difference because we were really sitting together, think about what is there really like the persona we are really searching, what about our culture So it was really just amazing to see how good the screening process was the candidates we were presented to and yeah I mean we have a lot of colleagues here and they are still here we love to have them and was really successful Covering the operational part of the dev recruitment, really, searching candidates, finding the best platforms, also, doing screening interviews, but at the same time also building up a best practice which we could then take over afterwards Estelle, the recruiter we work together at ACELR8, had the recommendation to start off with their internal referral program It's called 'quantimates' and we opened a Slack channel for it and also created a small flyer to really encourage people in the company to recommend others also like combined with the small bonus and this was one example of a measure we kind of developed together with ACELR8 which was not just for the time working together with you guys but also for now So it's really like a more sustainable thing we still use and it's actually very successful

So next steps I mean, last year, we definitely wanted to grow our business in the US, so there will be hiring focus, but also here in Germany We were thinking of how to, you know, increase our product team, our dev team, that's definitely where you can't have enough people to care about all the ideas that you have in mind and can really bring it to the software

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