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Stute Theatre – Smartphone App Looping 'Moving Pieces'


Hiya I'm Sophia Hatfield and I'm the performer and theatre maker behind Stute Theatre's show Common Lore

We have a live stream of the show coming out to you on the 25th of April We've got live performances scheduled for later in the Autumn and we're also making loads of creative resources to help you keep busy during lockdown or just to help you get creative and build your skills if you're interested in theatre-making music, writing, spoken-word poetry Whatever it is, there's loads of resources out there, so head over to our website wwwstutetheatrecouk or follow us on social media @StuteTheatre and you can see what we're up to! But this week I've been making some videos showing people how to use loop pedals creatively

But I'm also aware that not everyone has access to a loop pedal not everyone can get hold of all the kit you need So I'm doing a few videos using a looping app on my phone, just to show what you can do So today I am going to loop a basic track I'm going to loop a track that I do in the show called 'Moving Pieces' So this is from 'Common Lore'

But instead of using my loop pedal and all my fancy kit, I'm just gonna do it on a mobile phone So the first thing I need to do is record my first loop That is" (Rhythmically) "Knit and purl Knit and purl" And I'm gonna do this and through the app on the smartphone by pressing one of these purple circles on the screen, because that's how you do it on this app But there's loads of different apps out there to play with so you can have a try with whatever you like

And so here we go I'm gonna give it a go: (The App starts recording) (Rhythmically) "Knit and purl Knit and purl Knit and purl Knit and purl" (The phone starts playing the recording of "Knit and purl

" back) I'm checking it's in time ('Knit and purl" continues to play in the background) It's more or less in time so I'm going to go with that So that's my first loop and now I need to layer some other loops on top of that

My second loop is going to go: "Knit, knit, knit, knit" and I'm going to record that over that first loop now Here we go I'm gonna press it I'm coming in now: (Rhythmically) "Knit, knit, knit, knit

Knit, knit, knit, knit 'Knit, knit, knit, knit Knit, knit, knit, knit" (The phone starts playing the recording of "Knit knit, knit, knit

" back) There we go It's starting to work It's a little bit glitchy as I'm not used to be doing it on a phone But you could have a play with this, and practice and sort of get good at it So I'm gonna add my next vocal line on now, which is a sung vocal line

Here we go: (Rhythmically singing) "And purlAnd purlAnd purl

And purl" (The phone starts playing the recording of "And purl" back) And now I'm going add my extra harmony line to finish the track I'm going to start in a second Here we go (Rhythmically singing) "And purl andAnd purl and

And purl and And purl and" So that is exactly the same track that I loop In 'Common Lore' It's a little bit glitchy, but I reckon If you had a bit of a practise at this, you should start to build up some really interesting tracks

So it's definitely worth building your skills in this way if you don't have access to the full kit I'm gonna do a few more of these exercises so keep an eye out for them Bye for now!

Source: Youtube

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