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    Students visit WVU Tech for Dow Day


    students from South Charleston High School attended Dow Day at WVU Tech 59 News reporter Claudia Sessa spoke with a professor at WVU about what she hopes these students take away from today

    VO 19 students from South Charleston High School dug deep into the STEM field on Tuesday at WVU Tech These students are international baccalaureate students Meaning these students are taking their own high school classes but also learning about international ideas that aren't typically included in state curriculum

    JANET RICHARDSON/IB PHYSICS TEACHER, SOUTH CHARLESTON HIGH SCHOOL: "it is a 2 year program that the students enter their junior year and test at the end of their senior year They receive college credit based on the results of their testing" VO South Charleston High School is the only school in the Mountain State that offers this program

    The students spent the day learning about the different STEM fields from Biodiesel to battery storage, and even DNA research DR KIMBERLYN GRAY/ASST PROF OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, WVU TECH: "I hope that they're just developing a lifelong passion for STEM and science and engineering and seeing whether that's something they choose to go into or not

    It's something that's a part of their lives" VO With these students still being in high school, they still have time to decide which area of the STEM field they want to pursue By spending a day at WVU Tech, Dr Gray says these stun n see allf the tions avaible them before eme any cisions ptg in lei County, audia s, 59 ws

    Riley: r aot of us waking up before the sun rises can be a dreadbut for some high school sports

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