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    STERILIZZATORE UV Phoneshower M3 per SMARTPHONE – Uccide il 99% dei Batteri


    hi everyone today we will examine a product from anonymous box useful to face this historical period given the emergency cofid of the last few months is called phoneshower m3 and is a sterilizer uv for smartphones up to 7 inches which will allow us to sanitize the surface of our device through the ultraviolet light emanating from two small ones neon integrated inside this device with two additional functions between which aromatherapy aimed at perfuming in our smartphone is the power function bank in the center of the body there is a touch button and in the lower area we find an audio speaker while in the part side we have a micro usb input that serves to recharge the sterilizer by opening the box we can notice its presence of a circle with holes in which we will pour the various inside essences for aromatherapy there is also a usb port that will allow us to recharge our smartphones thanks to an internal battery are present two ultraviolet neon lights facing each other to optimize the disinfection of the surfaces to turn on the sterilizer will be enough press the front button and thanks to the integrated speaker we will hear one item that confirms that the ignition has taken place instantly bright LEDs and they will indicate the status of the sterilizer battery a what percentage the disinfection status or status has arrived aromatherapy and obviously the two buttons to activate the two modes inside the package we find only an instruction manual in English and Chinese and a micro usb usb cable that we could use for recharge both the sterilizer and our smartphones inside the therefore it will be enough to simply connect your smartphone to the steri lizzato to turn it into a real portable power bank obviously it is possible to recharge through the internal battery even if we have activated ultraviolet sanitization if you want give character to your smartphone you can pour drops of essence perfumed inside the box where there are small holes activating the aromatherapy function will ignite a small resistance that will evaporate the fragrance perfuming your device to activate uv sanitization will suffice press the this infection button through the automated program after about 5 minutes it will come to an end by removing about 99 percent of bacteria giving you back a sanitized product obviously thanks to generous dimensions you can insert not only yours inside smartphones but other items such as watches and keys glasses actually disinfecting every type of object that they go to every day close contact with your skin in conclusion I can say that the foehn shower m3 is a great gadget to keep on your desk to sanitize it smartphones and much more is sold at a price of around 55 euros I leave you all the links in the description for online purchase not for places you ask or doubt write me in the comments a greeting and the next video

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