Stepping Stones to Success – Introduction to the Smartphone

Week 1 Today we will learn about smartphones

What is a smartphone? Does anyone have a stupid phone? No, no one has a stupid phone Older phones didn’t have screens, and were made to let people just talk with each other These were called “telephones” A smartphone lets you do more than talk with someone It lets you see a person you’re talking to It lets you take pictures

It lets you meet with more than one person at once It lets you get messages It lets you send messages It lets you buy things It lets you watch movies

It lets you read newspapers It is a little computer for your pocket So, for everything that a smart phone lets you do, you have to learn a little bit about how to use it A smartphone lets you do all of that, and more You don’t have to learn everything at once

You don’t have to use it for everything at once You can learn how to use it, step by step Today we’ll learn just a little bit about how to use it There are two main types of smart phones One is an iPhone

This type of smart phone is made by Apple There are different models of Apple iPhones They all fit in your hand, and you make them all work by tapping their screens, and pushing buttons on their sides Another type of smart phone is called an Android Different companies make Android phones

Companies like Google, Samsung, Sony, LG, and Galaxy You need more than a smart phone to make a call You also need what is called a “carrier” The carrier is a company that “carries” your conversation between two smart phones It also carries pictures from a store to your phone, and your request to buy something to a store

So to make a call, you need a smart phone and a carrier A carrier is a company like ATT, or Sprint, or T Mobile OK So let’s look at your smartphone It has a big touchscreen

This is where you can see pictures, and messages, and little images that you touch, that let you do things with your Smart phone These little images are called “icons” The touchscreen is between you and your smart phone Because it is between, it is called an “interface” “Inter” means “between”

So between you and your smart phone is a “touchscreen interface” When you buy something with your smartphone, your carrier connects you to a big network, called the internet The internet is all the places you call, all the other smart phones and computers that you call and are calling each other, and all the wires and signals and satellites that move all the calls and messages around through the air, all around the world When you touch a smart phone, there is a little computer program in the smart phone that figures out what you are touching When you speak into a smart phone, that program changes your voice into a digital signal that it can send over the internet

When you touch one of the icons on your touchscreen interface, the program starts—or “launches” the program that is linked to that icon This smart phone program that does all these things, is called the operating system The iPhone has an operating system called “iOS” The android has an operating system called—of all things—the “android” operating system You don’t have to worry right now about how the operating systems work, or how they are different from each other

But it is good to know if you have an iPhone or an Android smart phone If you want help using it, the person who helps you will need to know which one you have When you try to call someone, or buy something, or send a message, your smartphone will try to contact your carrier This means that your cellphone needs to connect to the internet It will see if it can “access” the internet through the air

If it does connect, it will tell you that it is connected If it can’t connect, it will tell you that too To connect, your smart phone signal needs to find your carrier’s signal We talk about their signal’s being “strong” or “weak”, or talk about how many “bars” they have One bar is weak, four bars is strong

If there is a strong signal where your smart phone is, it will connect easily with your carrier [IMAGE OF FOUR BARS] If there is a weak signal, you may not be able to connect at all [IMAGE OF ONE BAR] You might have to try again later, or move to a different place, and try again Two more words for today

You’ve probably already heard them The phone you hold in your hand is called “hardware” You can feel it You can pick it up It is like a body

The programs inside your phone are not something you can feel They are like a language You can’t pick them up But you can learn how to use them OK! Close this now, and next week, when you’re ready, find my “Week 2” message, and launch the file

This is Gabriel Akindeko

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