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Stay Cool: High-Tech Ways To Beat The Heat


– Summer It's my favorite season, but I'm about to trade temperate San Diego for torrid Las Vegas

If you're stuck in a similar hot spot, here's a few tech suggestions to help you keep it cool (upbeat music) The first item I wanna call out actually isn't available yet, and I haven't even touched it The Reon from Sony is a little gadget that drops into a neck pouch on a special undershirt My fellow Americans might refer to this as a portable air conditioner, but it doesn't actually condition the air (laughs) Instead, it uses something called the Peltier Effect to make itself cold, and then, that sensation gradually passes to the rest of your body

I'll explain more about that phenomemon when I get to the last product in this video The Reon won't be available until next year in Japan, and again, you'd need to buy special shirts for it But at just over $100, this is something I'd really like to see come to the States I'll drop a link to CNET and Engadget's reporting in the description, if you wanna learn more Next up is a refresh of a device I reviewed two years ago

This is the evaCHILL from Evapolar, and it's a more compact version of the company's full sized personal area cooler Basically, a box that sits on your desk and cools you down while you sit inside a small area I think I summed it okay back in the summer of '17 so let's roll that explainer from the archive It sucks in air with a fan and passes it through a filter made of fibers soaked in water As the air passes through the filter, it expends energy, turning some of the water into vapor

And that energy loss causes the air to cool off It's that cooler air, along with the water vapor, that ends up on you (upbeat music) Just like the older product, the new evaCHILL, creates a personal micro-climate, where you really do feel cooler after a few minutes inside this small bubble Obviously, it's not strong enough to keep the heat during, say, field trips to sinking islands, but it's meant more for indoor spaces evaCHILL is the most minimal of the three products Evapolar currently sells

There's only one color of the water tank light The control wheel and display have been replaced by a simple button And there's a handle and spill proofing for more portability It does draw its 75 watts through USB-C, which is a nice modern touch, makes it a little more future-proof, and it's otherwise similar to the higher end models in the lineup

Price? $99, with replacement filter cartridges running $30 more You have to replace those every three to six months so basically once a season (bright music) Our final contender is the most mobile of the bunch, so for now, it's my favorite The Embr Wave is a wearable temperature regulator, about as big as an oversized wrist watch, and I do mean oversized It has to be this big because the box has to make room for a rechargeable battery big enough to power the Peltier Effect I mentioned before

It's a pretty simple concept If you run an electric current across two different conductors, one of those conductors will rise in temperature, and the other will cool down Put that circuit on a thermal-sensitive area of your body, like your wrist, and you can kind of fool your brain into thinking you're more comfortable So, does it work? Well, I've been wearing this thing for about a month, and I'm here to tell you firmly, no equivocation, kinda On the plus side, it's kind of amazing that you can strap a box to your wrist, press a button, and in literally two seconds, it feels like an ice cube, or press the other button, and in four seconds, it gets as hot as one of those chemical foot warmers you buy in the winter

And I was also pleasantly surprised by the battery life Even when paired to my phone so I could control it with the app, the Embr Wave usually lasted me all day But does it actually hack my temperature? Eh Not really First of all, the cooling effect comes in waves, and when it takes a break between cycles, it actually feels a little warm, which is distracting

Also, you really need to be able to focus on the sensation and kind of expand your perception to feel the cool anywhere but your wrist If this were on my neck, like the Sony Reon, closer to my core, I think it would have a great effect But there's a reason you see so many marble bar tops in old restaurants, like Polite Provisions here in San Diego See, in the days before air conditioning, the idea was you would come in out of the heat and rest your wrists on the cold stone And the theory went, over time, as your blood circulated, you would cool off

Of course, cold drinks probably had something to do with it too (upbeat music) If you wanna try the Embr Wave, it's the priciest item on today's list at a buck shy of $300 But if you can't feel the breeze, Embr does guarantee your money back within 30 days Share your tips for staying cool in the summertime, folks, and if you wanna see why I've been on the left coast, be sure to subscribe here on YouTube and follow me on Instagram, both @TheMrMobile I'll cover it in a video coming soon

This video made possible by review samples from Evapolar and Embr, no compensation was provided, no copy approval was given Until next time, thanks for watching, and stay mobile, my friends (upbeat music)

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