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    Sourcing talent in a high-tech industry – Case Study | Skillnet Ireland


    I'm Peter O'Kane and I'm the Engineering Manager for Realtime Technologies We're headquartered here in Dublin and we have facilities in the Czech Republic and in Bratislava in Slovakia The 60 or so staff here are involved in electronic manufacturing services primarily to the space and aerospace industry and we also have clients in the medical, defense and the telecoms industries We've been involved with the Space Industry Skillnet for probably nine or ten years at this stage The benefits we have seen from working with the Space Industry Skillnet are many The main ones that come to mind would be training, upskilling and development of our staff It's also allowed us to plug ourselves into a network of like-minded companies and individuals and this in itself opens networking opportunities The overall mission of the Space Industry Skillnet is to enable network members to participate fully in the space sector, to win contracts, to grow their businesses I think it's important for groups of like-minded companies in a sector who are finding it difficult to raise the skill levels of their staff, it's very important that they come together identify a common need and enable that to be delivered through a Skillnet My name is Diarmuid Corry, I'm the Chief Technical Officer for Réaltra Space Systems Engineering Réaltra is a division within Realtime Technologies

    They are the manufacturing arm and we are the design arm specifically for space systems I think it would be very difficult for a company like Réaltra to exist without Space Industry Skillnet Primarily because there hasn't been a history of space industry within Ireland There isn't a core set of competencies that we can recruit from to get our staff It is quite a challenge to attract and to retain people in this industry What will attract people towards Realtime and Réaltra is the level of training that they will receive here Network members like Realtime Technologies, for example, through their training interventions and their building of a skill base is then able to win contracts with the likes of OHB for the Plato Mission for example For a small Irish SME it was a huge success story and we're very happy to be a part of that We are upskilled, we are accredited and word is spreading that there is a local Irish company who are capable, willing and able to be involved with the space sector I would absolutely recommend other companies to join the Space Industry Skillnet It's a very flexible organisation They listen to us We tell them these are the kind of things we need to train our people on and they will go out and find the trainers and build the courses around our needs It's very easy to communicate with them and it's very easy to work together to develop exactly what the industry needs We satisfy the needs of the industry because it's driven by the needs of the industry We satisfy that through delivering world-class training to our network members based on their needs

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