Sony Xperia Compact 2021 | New Leaks | Upcoming mini phone?

A new Sony Xperia Compact smartphone recently leaked for launch in …

100 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Compact 2021 | New Leaks | Upcoming mini phone?

  1. I kinda like it and look forward to its launch. I wish it wasn't budget though…and the dimensions are worrying me. My xz1c is whole cm shorter and it's also narrower than this upcoming compact. I hope Sony will make it right, otherwise I'll be waiting for more foldable clamshell phones

  2. Wish Sony should just stick to dual front facing speaker with slight bezels so that it is symmetrical top to bottom and no notch to disturb you when watching or playing instead of tear drop notch with big bezel at the bottom it looks ugly and like a cheap chines phone.

  3. 5.8-6.0 inch full screen phone is the perfect size for one handed usage. Sadly android manufacturers are too busy making enormous phones every year.

  4. Please let there be a new premium Xperia compact 🙏 The iPhone 12 mini keeps taunting me in my sleep. Really don't want to go down that iOS rabbit hole 😭

  5. I don't even think it's about the size of the hand or lenght of the fingers. Large phones are just a general inconvenience. They are heavier, easier to drop, drain the battery faster… Everything above what they now call "compact" phones are just bigger or smaller tablets, and that's what you can use for media or certain work. I prefer my phone to be a phone, which will still have more features than I will ever need

  6. The front of that concept phone is so ugly. It looks like a sub 100€ from a chinese phone like umidigi or some shit like that and not from Sony

  7. M not considering anything more than 6" tops would love to grab hold a decent small Sony specs once again and not overpriced otherwise might end up with Pixel currently using Miami bought Huawei mate 10 pro Bla-A09 without updates about a year thank you Huawei great phone but never again

  8. I don't know why but I feel that for Sony to get back in the mobile category they should support their mobile phones OS updates for five years. I feel their phones are premium and have the ability to outshine others.

  9. I think this will fall right in there with the iPhone 12 Mini – a phone most people think they want but once they see the comprises that had to be made don't end up buying one.

  10. Still no. Many people searching for compact phone want a budget phone for about 200-300 USD. Compact phone don't need Snap 888, 4K screen and 8K camera. Compact phone is for calling, sometimes checking something in a browser or check your bank account. When phone companies will understand that? Budget A20e, Alcatel 3 or Y5 2019 is not the answer. Pixel 4a is some king of answer, but not aviliable in many countries. And still has amoled screen with pwm.

  11. I really hope that Sony could make the compact smartphone that would be a successor to the XZ2 compact at its best in which the phone would have a 5-inch OLED QHD with a 90 Hz refresh rate, with free bezels & without the notch, a 20 MP both front & back camera. A Snapdragon 875 5G chipset for better performance, the design is at its best with more colors & features as well too. I also hope that they make the 5.5-inch display with 4k resolution & more features in a compact smartphone. Do you guys agree with my point?

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  13. I've been using a xz2 compact with verizon in the US for about 3 years now. It's been through pure hell, the ocean, the bottom of our pool, my daily welding career, etc.
    Expanded to 400gb, etc. The xz2 compact is a pure tank. Could use a new battery as it only lasts 1 day now, but it's still going strong

  14. My God it's taking Sony forevah to make a phone I'll buy. Seems everything this past year has been an uber premium flagship model with Pro features videographers need on NFL sidelines… whereas I just want the next best version of my 3-1/2 year old XZs. I've been keeping my eyes open for my next Xperia replacement (hopefully my 3rd in 6 years) and for months (here in the US) 5, 10, and 1 models have been sold out in US warranty versions. Grrrr…. they really seem to not care about the US customer at all.

  15. Keep the Xperia 1 mark 2 design, no notch no rounded edge, improve brightness, improve default camera app, improve video stabilizer. Then I will buy it without hesitation.

  16. If they are making a new phone, I just hope they bring back the 16:9 design one last time. I love my XZ2, but with no headphone jack and a weird rounded back, it's not my favourite phone. I love it mainly because of the screen aspect ratio

  17. My only issue with the old Sony compacts was the heat because of all those features crammed into cases 5 inches or less with very fast processesors. It's not something I want to put in my pocket or hold in my hand even if I hate the idea of 6.5 inch phones. Something like the rumored Xperia 10 iii is something I'm willing to consider for lack of better phones that are smaller.

  18. Big Bezels…Small Screen… Looking Like A Bloody 2015 Phone In A Time Where Phones Are Damn Near 7 Inches And No Bezels…No Thanx…I Shall Pass…But To Each Their Own Tho I Always Say…

  19. Basically sony is idioti atleast they should make good phones targeting budget odience with less margin maybe but with good quality like less radiation lvls good display (cause less eye strain)
    Like earlier it was nokia now no is there to fill that gap

  20. I still use my Xperia X Compact because for me there's currently nothing better on the market. I didn't like the XZ1 as much and the XZ2 was just a failure. I don't like iPhones with their shitty software. The only alternative would be a Samsung Galaxy S10e but I prefer something a bit smaller and a OS closer to original Android.

  21. Im still using my Xperia X Compact that I bought 4 years ago. The NFC function is not working recently and Im looking for similar size small Android phone replacement. But there is none in the market. When will this new compact be selling?

  22. I switched from SE 1st., to SE 2020 and I am pretty satisfied with battery life, but just cuz I was used to have much shorter baterky life… But I Hope xperia compact described will be in europe…

  23. I managed to bring my original iPhone SE back to life recently and realised how nice it was to have a small phone again. It's not even as if it is bad to use for music and video, I wouldn't want to watch everything on it to be sure but for an hour when on break it is fine. It's even fine for a bit of light gaming with things like Telltale's titles.

    The single camera on it is also perfectly fine for taking photos. I sometimes think YouTube reviewers have forgotten how every day folk use the camera on their phone and put far too much importance onto them.

  24. 5.5" is full size~.
    Where is a premium 4.5" compact Sony?

    My xz1 compact is getting some age to it. But, it still fits in my pocket quite comfortably without pulling my shorts down.

  25. the only close to compact mobile currently (android) that is also an flagship is the regular galaxy s21 .and 12 mini from IOS… s10e is also there …Se-2020 …and most of the google pixels (but they are overpriced for what they offer)

  26. iPhone SE (1rst generation) and iPhone 12 mini are the only phones who kept me on iOS. If Sony release a compact phone like back in the days, I am ready to be broke again for two months 🙂

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