Sony Xperia 1 III UNBOXING and Initial REVIEW – World’s FIRST 4K 120Hz Smartphone.

Unboxing, Design, 4K Display, 120Hz Test (Slow-mo), Specs, and Camera Photo & Video Test – This is my Unboxing and Initial Review of the Sony Xperia 1 III.

00: 00 – Unboxing the Device & Price (China)
01: 05 – Design & Build
01: 20 – FREE Style Cover with …

100 thoughts on “Sony Xperia 1 III UNBOXING and Initial REVIEW – World’s FIRST 4K 120Hz Smartphone.

  1. Really nice phone. The tall 21:9 aspect ratio is s no go though. You waste to much space with tall screens. I wish 16:9 would come back.

  2. There's plent of room up top for a notification LED, why wouldn't they add one? The only thing stopping me buying this phone. I'm sure the ii had one, right?

  3. Is there anyway to order the china version if I'm inside the USA? also china version doesn't have google play services right?
    Thanks for answering

  4. Thank you very much. Because I have a Sony Xperia 1 iii to make a new video with this handset. I waited a long time, and that wait ended today. So glad you brought new videos.

  5. Me: Oh this is cool! I'm gonna buy this instead of the S21 Ultra
    A couple days later
    Me: Actually the S21 Ultra is still better.
    Two minutes later
    Also me: Oh wait.

  6. That $1,300+ likely price tag is steep and it'll hurt me, but my 4-5 year old G6 is limping it's way to the end and just needs to make it till August, and if I'm gonna upgrade, I might as well go for the top of the line and not have to worry for another 4-5 years.

  7. Sony needs to launch these phones at dirt cheap prices to capture the market again. Nobody is buying this at flagship prices. Sony is not apple or Samsung. If they don't reduce their prices, they're following LG to the grave

  8. I am always a fan of sony. It will beat other brands out their but for me they need to get rid of that voice assistant button. Nice review sir 🙂 looking forward for your next videos. Can you do battle of other flagship phones?

  9. That Zeiss T* glass is an absolute game changer on a camera phone. I can't buy a phone that's less than 120hz and now I assume I won't be able to buy anything without T* glass either. Epic.

  10. Great review, thank you! Could you test it under the load, like gaming? Does it heat a lot? Snapdragon 888 smartphones this year tend to heat much more than the previous generation.

  11. Awesome looking device, never ever did I understand the fascination with getting rid of bezels completely. Whoever came up with let's cut a hole or notch in the screen of these devices should be fired immediately. Nothing at all wrong with very slim bezels and front facing speakers is how it should be!

  12. First off all, thank you for the video!
    – wow 1200€ for 512gb! I like 😒🤔
    – need a battery 🔋test not with apps just like you will use your phone daily
    – that cover case is just for stand, it offers no protection top and bottom

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