Sony – World’s First Smartphone To Do This

Sony Xperia 1 III has been launched by Sony which offers …

Sony is one of the OGs of the mobile industry. Just like LG Sony has been making phones for over 2 decades now, and just like them, Sony has been struggling with their mobile division. But unlike LG, Sony isn’t throwing their towels yet.

But instead making their voices heard by pushing a lot of other nice specs that are relatively hard to come by on other Android phones. Sony has announced their latest flagship the Sony Xperia 1 mark 3 that one-ups the best Android phone at the moment the Galaxy S21 Ultra in many key features.

The first one is the display. The Xperia 1 Mark 3 is the first smartphone to have a 4K HDR OLED display that can do a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s locked at 120Hz, though unlike the variable refresh rate we see on other devices.

To be honest, 4K on a smartphone is a little overkill. In my opinion, it’s hardly worth paying extra for considering you’re not going to tell the difference between a 4K and a QHD display on a smartphone.

But nonetheless, 4K at a 120Hz refresh rate is still impressive. The second feature this phone has that no other phone can do is actually hidden beneath those bezels. At first glance, the phone looks identical to the original Xperia 1.

It’s tall and narrow, with lots of glossy black and small curves on all the angles, giving them the most monolithic look of a smartphone today with some bezels at the top and bottom of the display. But those small bezels are there for a good reason since they house the world’s first front-facing stereo speakers on a smartphone to offer 360 Reality Audio, producing 40% more output than the previous model.

To be honest, even though the phone looks dated but I still like the design. It helps them stand out from the crowd of same-looking Android phones out there. This phone also has a new variable telephoto camera bringing another world’s-first.

It has a periscope zoom camera module like the one found on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, the lens elements inside can move to change the focal length to either 70mm or 105mm for optical zoom. That’s 3x and 4.

5x zoom if you don’t understand the focal length. Samsung offers the same benefit with the S21 Ultra, but it has two separate telephoto sensors. So with this new tech, Sony is achieving the same effect with one sensor whereas it took 2 separate ones for Samsung and Huawei.

Other Sony camera features like real-time tracking and eye autofocus, AI Super-resolution zoom for photos are all there. Also similar to the Xperia Pro, this phone can be used as an external monitor for a dedicated camera.

There’s also the more standard fare like Snapdragon 888, 12GB RAM, wireless charging, and 4500mAh battery. Sony is also the last mainstream brand to offer a headphone jack and a microSD card with this phone which is highly appreciated.

All in all, on paper, all of this sounds really great but the price plays a big factor as well. Sony has struggled mightily to gain any measurable market share due to higher prices than is the norm for even flagship Android phones.

We still have no word on the prices but If Sony can price this handset competitively and with some good marketing (both are big ifs) it has a chance of not going the way of LG. Of course, do consider subscribing for all the latest tech news and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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73 thoughts on “Sony – World’s First Smartphone To Do This

  1. Sony has this new strategy where, unlike Samsung and Apple, they don't want to appeal to everyone but instead have niched down their target audience to creative folks, audiophiles, and gamers. Is it going to work for them?
    Here's my opinion

  2. I'd be super pumped about this if I hadn't owned a flagship Sony phone before. By far the worst phone one had in recent years. Hell, the phone before it (OnePlus 1) still runs better and has a longer battery life… And it's almost 7 years old now… I got rid of the Sony as soon as the payments were up.

  3. Again this phone is targeted at a niche audience. For the average consumer, a lot of these features are overkill and price point will be too high so I don't think it will gain any traction in the market volume-wise.

  4. LOOK. A phone should just be phone. All these new fangled phones are overkill gimmicky Marketing Ploys. We had one of the first consumer mobile phones out here by AT&T of course it only had 1g or 2g but we where very happy with the fact that it was the mobility that counted. So STOP SPENDING GOOD MONEY on a mobile device that will probably be outdated the next coming year afterwards. "Disposable Income Heads"

  5. still it has a front camera notch.
    I have the Samsung Galaxy N10+ and my next phone must have under-screen front camera.
    Stereo speakers are great idea btw long time i've thought about why it's not implemented in the premium devices.

  6. You can't even tell the difference between a 1080p and a 1440p display on a phone. Dream display- no Amoled punch hole/not 1080p 144hz 1100 nits hdr10+ with in display ultrasonic finger print scanner. Hopefully samsung does it next year.

  7. I wouldn't call these new features but more or so an improvement. Night vision camera would be a new feature but going from 4k 30fps to 4k 60fps is just a minor improvement not a big new groundbreaking, stroke giving, lactose fighting feature ok?

  8. What about child labor taking place in DRC and the helpless vulnerable kids digging cobalt and coltan which plays a very significant role in producing your Sony smartphone

  9. whilst companies load bloatware software their users dont want, there will always be slow downs regardless of the specs. if companies want to be trendsetting, sell the fact people can remove bloatware – now I’d buy that

  10. You have to have a strong market in the United States and must have carrier help.
    I'd love an option other than iPhones and Samsung's phones!

  11. the difference with apple, samsung, and sony is that sony have better features. People should know that sony is the only brand that is worthy of the high price tag.

  12. It's really nice to see that, despite all of the Sony haters, the mark II series and now especially with the mark III phones, there's a lot of deserved attention on Sony's phones. Unfortunately their marketing is still horrible, but it seems to be improving. They are also hard to get since they are not available worldwide, and there is also the price to consider. It sure is high, but we cannot really forget that Apple and Samsung's flagships are just as expensive, and don't really offer much more
    It's kind of sad to see how nowadays there are some people that actually look down on phones that have a headphone jack or expandable storage. "Why would you need a headphone jack, when there are Bluetooth headphones, and an adapter dongle thing exists?" Well, Bluetooth still has latency and requires charging your headphones, and it seems extra and unnecessary to be carrying around an adapter, when you can directly plug it into your phone
    "Why would you need expandable storage, when 128 GB+ are already way more than enough, plus cloud storage exists?" I think saying 128 GB is more than enough is a generalization, nowadays games and pictures are heavier than ever, recording something in, for example, 120fps at 4K, uses up a lot of space. Some of the games on my phone are well over 3 GB now each and keep getting updated, making them heavier and heavier. Having an SD card slot is so useful, you can take it out at any time and stick it in another phone with a slot, withuot need for cloud storage subscriptions or Internet
    And I can understand how the phone is very tall, which people laugh at, and I have not been able to see it in person to comment. But the fact that people say it looks "bad/dated because of the huge bezels" sounds strange to me, these bezels are really small, and they exist in order to provide you a full viewing experience, instead of cutting out a (small but still significant) portion of the content. The screen edges are square too, which is also a bonus in my books
    So in general, the 1 III has:
    – Headphone jack
    – Expandable storage
    – 12GB of RAM, 256 of internal storage
    – 4K screen (1644 x 3840) with 643 ppi density
    – 120hz of refresh rate
    – Latest Snapdragon 888

    That alone is enough for me to be interested, I use both the headphone jack on my current phone (Xperia XZ Premium) and an SD card on a daily basis, so upgrading to a phone without these two would feel like a downgrade, even if it had super-performance or a phenomenal screen. At any rate, the 1 III looks like a wonderful smartphone, is it really as niche as people say? I am surprised that features like a headphone jack, expandable storage, bezels and a 21:9 aspect ratio would flag a phone as "niche" right now

  13. Sony phones don't have 4K displays. 4K is a resolution of 4096×2160. Ultra HD is 3840×2160. Sony uses 3840×1644. That's not even close to 4K. Sony would need a resolution of 5040×2160, on their 21:9 screen, to meet 4K resolution.

  14. Basically another smartphone you dont need to upgrade to, changes are so minor and now is the wrong time to buy phones when they are facilitating the new Chinese style social credit system in the form of vaccination passports, many people are upgrading to Nokia 3310's ).

  15. I have the Note20 ultra, I was waiting for the Sony 1iii, im gonna get it and it will be the last phone I buy for a few years

  16. If you don't wanna see Sony mobile pulling out the market don't put a comment on YouTube, buy a Sony smartphone instead (I'm doing it since Sony-Ericsson era)

  17. I am so much amused and the attitude of SONY must be appreciated. Other brand captures photos from DSLR and run by software during ads. Sony have the guts to take realistic image with its own camera. Hats off

  18. Sony is the crown 👑
    Only King can afford the crown,
    Sony users know the difference ,…
    Ask me Sony electronics
    And Honda cars
    Only their users know the Real Royal values.
    Of these Brands.

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