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Software Outsourcing Tech Talk with Carlos Zuluaga | PSL Corp


Thanks for sitting down with us Okay, I'm quite excited to be here

Good! we're excited to hear all about performance engineering So, when I started working in a data center, deploying a huge application, it was like one of the biggest applications in Colombia at that time, and for almost 3 or 4 months, the application crashed every day I started to think, "okay, what can we do about it?" and performance engineering came as the answer for that So I started, like, slyly working in certain projects I would say that, first, to predict the quality of the product; to make sure what are those, not functional, but technical features of the products that we are building, but mostly I would say that both the PSL team that is developing the product and the customer will be ready to go live if they do performance engineering from the beginning

Inside PSL we have a performance engineering team, we have like several groups, and study groups in which we have weekly meetings to discuss how should we do performance engineering and we also have a teams that coach other teams So, we have, let's say, like a senior performance engineer, engineers, that are helping other projects

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