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So beeinflusst das Smartphone unser Leben | Die Einstein-WG – Ep. 11 | SRF Virus


Seriously, Amelie, go to bed! It's late I'll write a little more with Tamy

– I know For hours – We still have to meet Don't you think Tamy wants to sleep? It's midnight I just need to know when and where we'll see each other next week

Don't put too much pressure on them That happened to Manu when he went to Borneo Smartphones are relationship killers You expect your partner to be available 24 hours a day and keeps getting in touch If he does not write back immediately, the head cinema starts

Where is he? What does he do? Why doesn't he write? Am I not important? Is he on a yacht with Melanie Winiger? How does Melanie Winiger look so young? It's different with us These devices are bad for our relationships Every fourth German is jealous of the time that his partner spends on the smartphone But that's Germany A study from the United States found that 89% of respondents pull out their cell phones during a conversation

82% of them found this disturbing I personally would say that I am 82% Smartphones destroy our social contacts and friendships Hm? US researchers have found that our empathy in conversations has dropped 40% We unlearn the direct conversation, because we have two and a half hours a day spend on the smartphone

We turn it on 88 times a day And it keeps getting worse Now she doesn't write anymore Maybe reception problems – Should I call you? – Maybe she doesn't want to talk anymore

– It's the middle of the night – Online again! Easy, no problem Do you see? I am very relaxed * Door bell * What's going on now Oh! Uh – Hi there – Hello, Tamy I have to get up at 7 am

tomorrow I've been trying to sleep for three hours Aren't you checking what good night means? It is not a question or a suggestion It's: "I want to end this conversation now" Yes, but after that there is a time window in which you

Ah! That's why I'm here I need distance from you I thought you check it when I write: "Chill out! Come down!" "Hey, Amelie, I need some rest" "I don't want to talk to you now, I need distance

" I thought that was sarcasm See, it's my mistake I thought you were a cool chick But I'm not in the mood for relationship stress Relationship! Who speaks of relationship? Hey, you left that with me

Have a good life Hey, I'm relaxed! I don't want a relationship either Do I want a relationship? You have friends who are always on the smartphone Share this video with them And for more facts on the subject, check out the "Einstein" episode "Drug Smartphone"

And above all, just put your cell phone away in between Like Amelie

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