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Snapshot: Tech for Good | Cognizant Nordics


The sustainable transition in our society has already started, no doubt, as we could hear from Billerud Korsnäs, from ICA and also from Ericsson, three different business sectors The big question is: How can we speed up the transition? What the three companies had in common is that they see an increased demand for sustainable solutions

Many companies also involve their suppliers to help them reach their sustainable goals And this could lead to a sustainable chain effect, hopefully And big companies have a big responsibility here Climate scientists today rather talk about a climate crisis than climate change, just to stress how important it is to act now We are talking about decreased cost, increased revenue and stronger brand value

Sustainable companies also attract talents They want a wider purpose than just economical key values There, sustainability plays an important role Another strong driver is that the financial sector has identified the potential Investors are actively searching for sustainable investments today

The development will follow the money, for sure! Technology and digitalization are strong tools to both create a better business value and lower the impact on the environment My strong belief is that infotech companies on a global base have a huge market opportunity here We have the knowledge, we have the solution and it creates business value The very first thing to get started is that the board and the management team clearly points out the new sustainable direction We simply just have to remember that we can both do good for the world and make money

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