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Smartphones Killed Professional Cosplay Photography?


Cosplay photography as we know it, is dying And

Here's why "Jo Sun" (Good morning) everyone My name is Martin Wong and I am a photographer

I have seen so many changes in the cosplay industry over the last ten years But, one of the biggest changes is 'How' we make photos And that is because, smartphone cameras have overtaken professional camera equipment In fact, back in 2017, a use to be popular website, 'Flickr', have you heard of them? They reviewed that the most popular type used device were smartphones, with iPhone being the most popular brand, doubled both Canon and Nikon But

Why did it happen? And how did it affect cosplay photography? Well Let me tell you about it First of all: Do you know how good smartphone cameras are these days? I mean, okay Maybe they're not as great as top of the line DSLR or top of the line Mirrorless camera But the advancement on smartphone camera has far exceed the advancement of professional camera equipment I mean

Come on, Camera Company Get it together Step up your game

The latest smartphone have added so many practical features in the last few years They have even added some features to combat professional cameras biggest advantage The ability to change lens By adding in a 'Portrait Mode' and more lenses built right into the phone, you can shoot a variety of look with a camera that fit right in your pocket Huh

Try doing that, with a DSLR And smartphone cameras are just getting better and better Here's some photos that I took and edited with MY phone And if the photos are just for posting on Instagram, at a certain point, megapixel counts doesn't even matter Next: Not only has the quality of smart phone cameras gotten a lot better, but they have also made it so much easier for people to make photos

And I use the word, "Make" , because now you can capture and edit on one device Since most professional cameras have very limited editing capabilities they're very inconvenient Here, here Let me break it down for you Let's say I take a photo with a DSLR, then I have to go home to a computer, transfer the photo, then I have to pick a photo, then I have to edit that photo, then I have to send it back to my phone, THEN I can upload it to social media

In comparison with a smartphone, you just snap, edit, and you upload straight to social media in minutes And almost everyone has a smartphones these days I mean, the other day, I saw a 4 year old playing Minecraft on a smartphone So, anyone can create polished content anytime, anywhere Lastly: Cosplay photo consumption habit, have changed a lot because of social media

Cosplay fans want a lot more content and at a much faster rate Cosplay fans now, are expecting daily contents Back in MY day Ho ho- We only get photos after a big convention And, they also expect HUGE sets Instead of just having one or two good photos So in order to fill this need, Cosplayers have to create content just as quickly And most full-time cosplayers cannot hire a photographer, every single month to create enough content for today's consumption habit

So the best way for them to do so is to make content using their smartphones And since cosplay fans won't necessarily pay more for higher quality content Cosplayers would just make more money by not hiring a cosplay photographer at all

But that's not the end for professional cosplay photography Even though, smartphone cameras have replaced DLSR and Mirrorless cameras in cosplay, it never really stopped anyone from making professional looking photos And lots of us love cosplay with a passion I have been shooting cosplay for over a decade and I plan to keep on doing it In the end, it doesn't matter what you use

A camera, a smartphone, whatever It doesn't matter If you love cosplay as a hobby or as an art form, you can make cosplay photos however you want Alright! That's it! So, yeah Make sure you leave a comment down below

Don't forget to 'Like' and 'Subscribe' Oh! And click on that little 'Bell' So you'll get notified next time I upload a new video As always Thank you for watching! I'll see you all next time

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