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Smartphones 2019 : Slider ou Trou ?


Hi it's Leo from the TechMaker channel and today we're going to compare two smartphones, but not really, since we will mostly compare the two ways to see the smartphone today We will certainly talk about their technical characteristics, but we will rather linger on these two new modes that come in 2019 to replace this hideous notch we had to hit on last year on all phones they are mid-range or high-end! The two phones we are going to compare today are two midrange scales who came out during this month of January in France, there is first the Honor V20, and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3! And I make it clear in France, because I know we will come to tell me that the Mi Mix 3 has been out for a few months now, except that its commercialization was not there yet in our hexagon! Moreover if you are interested in one phone or the other, you can find some links to these in the description! But let's move quickly on the specifics of one and the other! And no, I did not speak not too much of the photo part, already because I'm a big hail photo and video level, and two because you will find myriads of comparative pictures of each other, and me apart from saying "well", I would not know what else to say to you For the Honor V20 we end up with a 6

4 inch screen with an IPS panel, a Kirin 980 as a processor and the usual 6 to 8 GB of ram depending on the configuration that you have At the level of the photo sensors there is a front sensor 25MegaPixels and two in the back, with a total amount of 48MegaPixels! Good I'm not sure sure that it is very useful, but at least you can say in the evening that you have a really big sensor! As for the battery, we find one with a capacity of 4000 mAh! It is found at € 550 in 128GB storage and it will add € 100 more to double the storage and increase the ram a bit I would add a little note on the back of the phone that is really sublime, with its V that reflects and that really gives a very premium effect on the phone! Well it still takes fingerprints of course, but at least it's better than the Mi Mix 3 which also takes fingerprints and for the coup has a back all tristoune By the way, talking about him we're here on a 639-inch screen with a slab AMOLED! It is equipped this time with a Snapdragon 845 and there also of these famous 6 or 8GB of Ram that will depend on the blur that you will have spent! Here it will be a front sensor of 24Mp and two back-end sensors of 12Mp each! For the battery we are on something a little weaker by cons: 3200mAh, but at the price level as well ! Indeed we can manage to find it from 450 € in its most low and 620 € in its highest version, with 256GB of storage which is still not bad for the price I will give you my opinion quickly on which phone I prefer between the two at the end of the video, but honestly these are two very good phones level value for money as we find around 500 € even if I have a little preference for one of the two for one of the technical characteristics of which I can not do without today! But now, once we've talked about technical features, well, what's which interests us the most? Well yes; the method that everyone used to hide this hideous notch that followed us for far too much time! On some phones they were not too visible like the OnePlus 6T, but on the contrary, on others like the Google Pixel 3 XL, it was a nameless abomination! But it was a bad for a good to increase the screen ratio on the front side, and so have screens 18/9 SEE 19/9, which are ratios much more pleasant than our old 16/9 that we lugged before in our pockets

I spoke about indispensable technical characteristics but it has also become clearly one! By the way, speaking of the screen ratios I'm going to stall a little off topic, you see more and more youtubers switch to 18/9 format for videos, especially in high tech as more than 50% of you are watching videos on their smartphone! We can for example count LinusTechTips or MKBHD, and I was wondering, would you care that I go to this format too? Well I'm waiting to get your opinion on the card that will appear at the top right and also to tell me why in the comments! I hesitate a lot between both at the moment, and I think that having your opinion may help me make my choice! We'll see if we change or not, it must be so good of course! But in short, with this new format, the old 16/9 phones went from highs of ranges in the eyes of all to phone of the past, to the point that when the Razer Phone 2 came out, everyone criticized this screen 16/9 while the fashion of 18/9 and 19/9 had just arrived! It is IMPENSABLE to return to this old format of the past, so the backpedal is clearly not a feasible solution And so, the two brands have chosen two different approaches to overcome the notch without going back to the past! Honor left on the "hole" So yes the name is not very glamorous and even they have no official names for this camera that pierces the screen Some media have called it the "Punch-Hole" which makes it a little better, but then we as good franchouillards if it is the adopted name we will see beautiful and not ripe level pronunciation! Thanks to the latter, the front camera is always present but does not take as much space, we certainly have not as much sensor as on an iPhone X or Xs, but we have a better aesthetic! This hole can also be used in the ergonomics of the phone, since the latter can be surrounded by certain notifications, and so becomes an integral part of the design! For its part, Xiaomi went on another solution, the slider! So it's not the first to have done, but we will return to that after Specifically here the phone has no hole or notch on its front, which allows a total display of the screen without compromise, but hey you imagine well that it blocks a little level camera as soon as you want to use this famous filter dog that you love so much on your social networks! By the way, come and follow me especially on Instagram because I'm leaving in a few weeks in TRUE manga country this time, and I risk sharing a lot of things, it's all leotechmaker attached, it's simple and concise Well to solve this MAJOR concern, the phone will "slider" is the term, to let appear the camera which is below the screen

Behind once the action is done, the smartphone will recognize it and open the application of the photo apparail! There is also the possibility of remapping that, we could squarely use it like a new button! It also blocks the visibility from the front camera, much like the caches you have on your webcams, and thus hinder the vision that the FBI can have on you! Well it may seem ridiculous say like that but many applications use your front camera without your knowledge, and the slider can prevent all that! Once closed, we are faced with a complete surface, with a ratio still more venerates because there is no notch or hole, and therefore comfort more friendly But then, if both have only qualities, which one will be privileged? This is also a real dilemma because many brands ask for it; the next Samsung Galaxy S10 should be equipped with this hole as the Honor V20, while the OnePlus 7 seems to be more oriented towards the slider, rumor that is confirmed because often the OnePlus models are copies of the Oppo models, the parent company; and the Oppo Find X has a slider, it is also he the first to have really democratized, except that here it was a little different since we could not take it out ourselves; it was necessary to open the camera application on the smartphone so that the sensor Deigns to show itself, so the use is different and there are many chances that the OnePlus 7 has the same process That's why after talking about the benefits of each mode, will have to talk about the disadvantages, so that you know which one will interest you the most! The hole remains a mini notch in the end even if less visible, and therefore we do not eradicate necessarily the problem, we just reduce it In a classic use it is much more pleasant anyway, but as soon as wants to play a video with black bands and so we can enlarge it, we also see quickly this hole that can interfere with viewing

And with a hole that remains, it does not will never have this famous 100% Screen to Body, this value that corresponds % screen on the front of a smartphone and the Honor V20, we are 85% in counting the tiny edges and this hole for the camera But then, is the Slider the solution to have the perfect smartphone as the Mid Mix 3 ratio is 93%, so what is so much higher? Well no, actually Because there is also a lot of concern

Already, yes it hampers the vision of the front camera, and so it also prevents unlocking via your facies easily, what remains a technological breakthrough and therefore parting of the latter removes comfort Yes it still exists, but in the case of Oppo Find X you have to wait until the cylinder rises, and in that of the Mi Mix 3 it is necessary either to lift the sensor, it can look stupid but given the number of times we unlock our smartphone in a day, bah it can quickly add a lot of time to each unlocking in the end! Second, this slider also requires space, and the phone becomes more thick because indeed we will have the screen that will be superimposed above all this slider system, which gives a rather chubby body to the system Finally, we feel that there is a slider to use, because the screen rests on it and we can realize this by pressing in some places that the screen is sinking on it, which does not necessarily give a feeling of security and solidity In addition to that necessarily the shells provided for this smartphone can not as well protect the latter as much than a classic phone As for the solidity of the system, however, it will really depend on of the slider of the smartphone in question: For example I would have more confidence in the one the Oppo Find X that will wake up from itself as the one of the Mi Mix 3 that we have to manage ourselves; as usual when we give the controls to the man it is the most often at that moment there are glitches; you know the story of the mistake between the machine and the chair Anyway In the end, what is the system that will win? Well neither of them since neither one neither the other and perfect, and that a better solution is already there in my humble opinion! Indeed, there are already prototype phones with the camera which is on the screen, a bit like fingerprint sensors nowadays! Unfortunately, it's not yet marketed today; already because the technology must not be 100% reliable, but especially because the costs must be too high today to have a phone at a competitive price, much like this famous footprint sensor the screen at its beginnings! If it is, we may even find an even better solution, or a less good

Remember the Nubia X I had tested on the channel, with its screen on the back to use the rear cameras as a front camera while returning completely the phone The idea could have been interesting, but it's very overkill to just do some selfies But you, then, what do you think of these phones while waiting for this other revolution to happen? You are rather Team Slider or Team Hole, even if the name is still very special? Well, do not hesitate to come beat you on the card that will appear at the top right, and of course to argue in the comments! Personally I still have a slight preference for Slider because I use very little this front camera and especially have this famous hidden camera when is not used makes my parano a little less violent! Moreover for all even give you my opinion on each phone, I still prefer that of Xiaomi just for only one thing: the Amoled screen It's a bit like the evolution of 16/9 to 18/9

Once you've tasted these screens, it's complicated to return to an IPS screen And then bah since it is a phone that is in import, there is way to have it for less expensive, it must be in the 450 € which makes it unbeatable! Always the big black dot by cons, the famous overlay Mi UI But hey, you know my opinion on it unfortunately! And so level overlay bah I clearly prefer that of the Honor V20 If you liked the video, remember as usual the blue thumb of love and to follow me on Twitter & Instagram! Do not hesitate to share this video to create debate in the playground (and especially if you know people who hesitate between these two phones) and of course if this is not already done, subscribe to the channel by clicking on the logo that just appeared right there! It was Leo from the TechMaker chain and above all, never stop learning! Hi !

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