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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J4


Get ready, you'll meet a complete smartphone, fast, beautiful, great camera and various functions to facilitate your day to day It's the Samsung Galaxy J4

Guys, I'll start by talking about the cameras When choosing the cell phone we already think about that beautiful photo for our social network right? Who ever? Then look at this front camera It has 5MP and Flash for you to take that incredible selfie with perfect light, even in darker environments And the rear camera? It will help you to bomb on the internet, because the photos will be well detailed thanks to 13MP resolution A good quality for you to register the moments with family, friends and always have close of you that remembrance of your last trip

Of course! For you to enjoy these photos he has a screen to fill his eyes It's a super AMOLED of 55 " The infinite display has rounded edges ideal for you to enjoy a movie, your game favorite and of this size gives you even to watch what you like and exchange messages with friends at the same time And for those who love doing two things at the same time, this phone has an application that lets you do this, such as: watching a video and continuing that conversation with the friends

Enjoyed, right? And you'll love even more that it lets you have two messaging app accounts Like, for example, WhatsApp or Telegram And since you like to be always connected, take advantage and subscribe to my youtube channel In addition to the latest releases, you'll watch videos with tech tips and many tutorials to make your life easier Kisses and good buy

Source: Youtube

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