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Smartphone Addiction Funny – Jhakas Bhallas


Smartphone Addiction Funny Phone Rings Ohwhy is papa calling early morning Yes papa My boylast night in the party you were jumping and dancing like monkey And when i say some work to youthen your back goes ache Laugh Oh papa what you saying

party and me How come you even think about this? Idiot Your wife has already shared last nights party's idiotic dancing video of you in family's group The whole family group is spitting at you What? Heemakshi has shared that video in group Listen boy This time i am forgiving you But next time, if you done the same again Then i will come over and repair you fully And after that in the next video you will not jumpbut crawlgot it Laugh This addicted whatsapp thing is not ok for kids these days Laugh Heemakshi You shared last night party video in the family group Laugh Oh dear I want to share that video only with my friends But mistakenly it got shared in the family group But why you were so desperate to share that video? You know This kinda videos goes viral very quickly And if this video goes viral you will become Famousfamousfamous

famous Laugh Dearin your famous craziness i may Phone rings Hello Hey my stuffy girl where were you dancing last night Laugh Hey stupid sam Just wait for only 2 minutes First i will solve this matter here, then i will talk to you Oho

you stuck on phone again Laugh Phone Rings Hello Hey beauty Didn't know that you are an amazing dancer Oye Firstly don't talk to me like this And secondly the guy in that video is not me Its my duplicategot that Hey smartydon't play games with me I know everything But now this video will be going live in front of the whole world on youtube, facebook and twitter Huge Laughter Hey smartphone slave Just look at your husband Husband Hey what happened to you? Abhinav I think he caught in deep sleep where is water? Laughter Haa i am very thirsty Very Huge Laughter Enjoyed very muchnow am not thirsty Oho Now Where is he gone? To Be Continued

Source: Youtube

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