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No, no, why? why are you doing this to this poor cellphone? What are you doing, Ana? Bringing some glue? You`re wrong, Martin Today we have a very hard video to make

We are going to find out why is whe bringing all that stuff, coming up Let´s begin? Hello TECNONAUTAS I am really excited right now, look what we have back there, Ana This drawing is made by Daniel Winsero, he makes us all of these drawings and this is the lastest one he´s sent to us and it really is impressive Actually it is bigger than we are seeing here, we have made a close up of it so we can see ourselves

I have brought, cement! cement! Not glue, so you were wrong Ana, why would we need cement? wait, everything in its own time because today, Martin, I have brouhgt to you an absolut special mobile phone We never had a mobile phone like this before on our table ok well, open it up already because I am getting all nervous do not waiste your time, subscribe to our channel and turn on the notification bell because you are going to see the very best of technology but only if you turn on the notification bell so you can be notified of every video we upload I am so looking forward to do some evil stuff to this mobile that sounded weird, Ana

every 2 seconds, since this is an OLED screen it turns off!!! we have to push the botton to turn it on again come on! I did it! finally! and we have bring this for a very special thing IP what? 68? No, you´re wrong, that is exactly why we brought this because it comes with IP69K that is a military kind resistance I mean an extreme resistance to many things, not just only water and dust It has wireless charge

5000mAh, 6GB of RAM, 128Gb of internal memory I don`t like its CPU, for now that is what I don´t like, everything else is OK Also we have to test its double camera I put this over there the sim card tray opener, military style screen protector, it comes included, user manual, warranty mini jack adapter for headhphones, it comes without jack connector

C-type OTG adapter, usb cable by its color it looks like the one that comes with the ONE Plus Charger Does it look like a fast charging charger? Yes, it says fast charger well, for a 5000mAh mobile it is necessary, right? what the heck is that, Ana? No clue let´s speculate to scrape or something

Seriously, if anybody knows what is this for, tell me to scratch your ear No, to take out your ear wax you are so nasty, every time with your nasty stuff Lets take out the beast, and let me tell you this is heavy

this is not light at all this is clearly not for everybody It has a little screen notch It has a huge screen notch, Martin out with the screen protector, Do not throw it, do not throw it yet Master Yoda, I hate you! come on, do not throw it! is it broken, Ana? Does it have a sign of damage?, No, it is perfect It did not fell on the grass, I´ve aimed to the grass, Ana

It has a resistance to drops up to 120mts according to Ulefone you are stepping over the I was like, what am I popping here? this is rubber, here is the fingerprint scanner, double back camera power button, volume button, here we have the C-type connector protected for water resistance the sim card tray goes in here

oh my gosh I love it when I don´t have to use the sim card tray pin then what is it for then, Ana?!! that blue thing what is it for? I really like the screen, its colors are very good It´s not bad at all although the brightness is not at maximum the vision angles are ok but not spectacular I like the screen, even its screen notch It has frames, Ana this resistant mobile has frames!!! not just frames, huge frames!!! fluency test, tell me Ana, how does it go? Is it fast? slow? It is not that fast but it is ok change the transition speed, go to developers options, clic there 05 animation scale, we do not want to delete them but to speed them, Ana now it goes really fast

with this stick I can take out the sim card tray besides of another use of it, I don´t know what is it for do not make me go check the user manual Another use I suppose for this is that if you are without finger nails, you can use it to lift its covers I´ve set up the fingerprint scanner, and 123

23 Not bad Such a strong phone, what kind of signal reception would it have? The other day the LG one gave us less than we are getting here it´s going up, going up

barely, well it went better, it is acceptable, acceptable come on, I´m going to run AnTuTu to this mobile let´s see what happens to this CPU that you said you don´t like Media Tek has not been making good CPUs this year Barely better than the Moto One from the other day, right? Yes how´s the volume? I don´t think this is the best volume of the world from where is it coming from? from back here ahh, ok ok I think it´s coming frome somewhere else as well, what about here? References are always good and what we can see here is the thickness of each one, I mean if I have this phone on the table, it looks like a brick

and our expectations become real because this has way more performance than the Moto One 133k Not bad at all We are going to test the cameras Not really expecting too much from this cameras but, let´s see what happens And so the camera tests begin, starting with the main camera the autofocus is having problems here here goes the photo, 3

2, is your son ok, Ana? he´s ok1 I don´t see the possibility to use the second camera in here then what is the other camera for? Let´s take a selfie, Ana Lets go


Let´s begin the video recording, Yoda get ready for the show (Audio and video from the Armor 6) Yoda, easy there! The autofocus? fast?well The digital stabilization is having problems Low light, Ana get ready for the picture, 321 Let´s take the selfie, 21

And now comes the moment we´ve all been waiting for but first let me remind you this mobile phone has 5000mAh of battery capacity, fast charge and wireless charge, Martin and we are going to test it right now I can´t get it to charge using this what about another cell phone with wireless charge? it charges this brick won´t charge, Martin, but it says wireless charge now, now, there it is!!! I guess since it is thicker form the back side, maybe its wireless charge is slow

you have to put it on the exact spot, now you know that This is the exact spot Why would you bring cement, Ana? cement! This is a very special mobile phone with military kind protection besides of its maximum protection to dust, water, radiation, to extreme temperatures up to 80°c and -40°c And what they also say about this phone is capable of resist one whole day submerged on 1mt deep of cement we are not going to do a 1mt deep of cement test, but we are going to do an experiment here let´s see what happens

This is all your idea, not included here!! All the dust is going to the TV!!!, Oh my God, no, this is a bad idea this is a bad idea, Ana Construc-Nauta It´s all getting inside my eyes They won´t borrow us the TV anymore when we return it all covered in cement I got the mixture ready, Martin! No, don´t put this in there such a cute phone they say this can resist cement, we never tried cement before we have done all other kind of test already Let´s put it in the cement ok ok, stick it in, go ahead how will you do it? it´s getting hard already I told you so it´s getting really hard, Martin!, come on! ok ok, we have to take a picture now off course!! come on what are you doing? Ana, stop!, you´re making a mess! I will bury it in here will you bury the poor one? Yes

We are gathered here today to assist to the burial of the Ulefone Armor 6 now we can get it all wet, again Agh, such a dirty mess!! this is the dirtiest thing I´ve ever seen in my life, Ana No, no why?, why are you doing this to this poor cellphone? How are we going to take it out afterwards! right there is the phone, Martin, can you see it? we are going to cover it everywhere and then let it rest to get it dry what has it done to you? come on, stop, Ana!

you are making a mess in here It´s all covered up and it´s getting dry How was the burial, Ana? we have a problem, Martin what happened? How am I suppose to take this out of here!? I´m just the camera man Clearly we have let this rest several hours and there are softer areas, but here How do I do it? You can´t? Hit it with the spatula otherwise we will have to bring the drill I think this mixture is not working very well, Ana That´s because you put water twice!! come on! come on!, look! there it is! look, look was it turned on? don´t scratch it, don´t scratch it, we have to sell it how are we going to sell this?!!! there´s a scratch, you´ve scratched it O_O what a scratch you´ve done to it! did you break it

No clue lets´s see do you want me to wash it? Let's get it to shower it ok, ok, let´s see it´s now alomst, there is a flashing light there O_O it vibrated! it has a lot of scratches! Look! it´s working

we´ve got cement leftover all over the corners there´s cement in here as well those are the speakers, Ana! it was this one is it also covered? play some music it is at maxumun volume I have to take this out Look, now we know what this is for, Ana My God, it sounds so awfull is it rust? kind of

the screen is completly scratched the cement did such a mess, I doubt this has Gorilla Glass protection that is why is important to put the screen protection when you open it I think we can stablish that is not a good idea to bury it on cement No, it is not a good idea at all ok, Ana, two things: first, what do you think is the cutest Martin? The drawn one or me? the drawn one

I am hurt! second, how much is it? 360$ is the cheapest price I´ve found for this mobile we will leave it on the description in case you are interested and you have seen what happened with the cement let´s see, this is a mobile phone that was made not for everybody, besides of its thickness but for instance, if you work on a consctruction site or more complicated jobs, or jobs, or on a farm this phone can perfectly work for you and even get you out of some trouble you might have this phone is resistant! but if you drop it on cement, please pick it up right away Perhaps it needs a round of drops but maybe we can do it on another resistance test video If you request it down here on the comments Poor thing, this is a mess already, and you want to drop it or something but, we know this are resistant mobile phones we´ve dropped them and stuff, the can resist very hard drops

in 32

1 what a pain!!! that if you request them down here, we will do it we´ll see you again, in the next video, bye!

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