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Aprende Seguridad: Prevención y actuación ante el robo de tu smartphone – Enfoque Mixto


Good afternoon, I suppose you are asking where you are or who I am But these questions have no value at this time – How? – You have two pints in front of you, one blue and the other one white Both can help you if you lose your phone But you can select only one What choice do I need? It is easy, you must choose to prevent or act: it is a white prevention; blue, practice What do you mean? I will set an example: imagine that you have a cellphone, what would you choose? prevent it from happening solely and preventing it from being robbed up in action? Or that there is no prevention but can act in the event of loss or loss? What is your decision? Would you be able to use a screen lock when selecting Prevention? Or do I get a note if I find the mobile? I could also configure an anti-theft application, like Avast Anti Theft, or I could only use the mobile in the security environment And what benefit will you do to act? I would like to locate a mobile with a geolocation and I could go find it Or I could call the police, or my cellphone I could also block the mobile So then? Did you make a decision? I do not know, the decision is difficult This is your last chance, after which you can not go back Choose a white cake and you will prevent everything, you can choose the blue pastilla and you can deal with anything It's your decision

Source: Youtube

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