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Aprende Seguridad: Prevención y actuación ante el robo de tu smartphone – Enfoque Informativo


What can we do to deal with this situation? It is recommended to have a pin code locked in the screen as a pattern If we suffer from robbery, we must report it by telephone or by the national police It is interesting that you have configured automatic backup to avoid losing our data To do this, go to settings, back up and automatic backup There, we can choose where we want to store the files, its frequency and what we want to store We must turn off Debugging to prevent access to our device when this is locked A valuable toolkit is an Android device administrator To do this, search and log in to Google with your mobile Google account If the internet is connected to the device and the location is activated, we can locate our device on a map with limited accuracy It also offers us the chance to make this device sound If we do not find it, we can block the device from time to time, giving a new password and displaying a message in the painting

If we do not find it, we can eliminate device data By providing the IMEI code to the operator, we can block access to the telephone network To get this, go to settings, click on the phone, click on the status and IMEI information

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