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Apps ordnen – So räumst du dein Smartphone auf und schaffst Ordnung


On your smartphone, you have so many apps that your wallpaper almost no longer visible? Then we have a solution for you! Press with Put your finger on an app and wait for iOS devices until it starts to wobble or simply move around on Android smartphones Now you can move your apps freely through your homescreens and through easy to superimpose into folders

You can then do this one more Give a name that describes the content Of course so many can Folders are created as you own apps Which folder structure makes sense? Of course you can order apps according to their use, for example music, video, games, news, Chat or work But some smartphone owners also arrange them Manufacturer Then there is a folder with all Google apps, a folder with Amazon services and another with all Apple apps

Who the colorful mess up can not stand the screen, but then rearranges his apps, of course To dye That looks nice, but can help find a specific app confuse On Android devices you also have the Possibility to leave his home screen completely free The apps in the app drawer are then usually arranged alphabetically How do you organize your apps? Are you sorting by theme or color? write give us your opinion in the comments

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