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    Smartphone Zenfone 5


    Look I have to face the intelligence of Zenfone 5 And in this video I will tell you everything about this phone that is very complete

    But first, I'm going to make a suspense and ask you to sign up for my channel There, there are a lot of news with this one So people, first of all what is striking is this design, which combines strength and beauty The body is coated with glass, so it is light but strong Not to mention that guarantees this sophisticated air, right? Also, it is available in these colors here

    One more beautiful than the other! The screen is 62 " You may think: but it's not too big? Look, guys, it's not This is because the display covers 90% of the front of the smartphone There you have a comfortable device to hold and that brings quality videos incredible

    Not to mention that the resolution is Full HD Plus and the aspect ratio is 19X9, that is, lets you see the details of each scene in that series that you love To improve the sound of it is stereo, that is, the audio of the contents is spread by the environment and leaves everything more real In addition, it recognizes if you are in a quiet place such as meeting and adjusts for a lower call sound The opposite also happens If you have a happy hour, the ringing increases the volume

    I realized that when I said he was smart, it was not a joke, huh? As everything can improve, it has a charging system that understands the best way to recharge the battery For example, if you leave the phone in the socket at night and only pull it out when you wake up So the system understands this and charges only 80% of the cell phone and only releases more charge one time before you wake up Look how nice it is! Another thing this function allows is the load scheduling, where you get schedule the time the battery will be with 100% charge The good thing about this is that the battery life is longer! Talking about it, you get hours of use with just a few minutes of charge, see? It works like this: with 5MIN of load it can speak up to 2 hours and 38 minutes the battery already reaches 60%

    Pretty good, right? Cameras are not behind either! The back, for example, recognizes even before the click the scene, and with that, changes the photo conditions, taking into consideration whether you are going to photograph, landscapes, people, pets, text or that delicious recipe you love With this, each photo is unique In addition, she asks you if she liked the result of the image and fits to deliver you the photo of the way you like the most Oh and the rear camera is double And so it does various legal effects

    Like this one, you can blur the background while the main object is in evidence Oh, and the 120 ° wide angle camera captures 200% more of the environment than the leading smartphone cameras on the market This way you can put more people in the photo, without having to take those steps and can also get more details of the landscapes Too bad, right? And the front camera has 8MP and helps you make the most beautiful selfies Of those, that make you change the profile photo of social networks on time! And to save all your photos, music, videos and applications, you can choose between the 64GB or 128GB internal memory version Look! It's enough, you see? But if you want, you can still increase it by up to 2TB

    Our people, it's a lot You can prepare what you can do an album of the whole year and not only yours, you can save the images of the galera also All this in a mobile that has a very fast processor that is far from the famous catchers! You can download the games you want, even the heavier he will run it all Incidentally, it can even split into two screens There, while you watch a video in one, you can read one story in another Phew

    let me breathe that there is still more news It is that the Zenfone 5 besides having digital recognition, also recognizes his face to unlock all I think I already convinced you because I loved this cell phone, right? Enjoy and spend there on my channel to see also unboxings, reviews, tutorials and much more Kisses and until the next video

    Source: Youtube

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