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SmartPhone Trichome Scope – Easiest way to check on Trichome Maturity


What up Cannabis Growers, and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown!  Now and today's video I'm going to be doing a product review, and the product I am reviewing is this wifi-enabled digital trichome scope Now this product makes looking at your trichomes a million times easier when compared to your traditional jewelers loop or non digital trichomes go

And the reason being is because of this thing actually syncs up with your smartphone via its own app that you can download from the App Store, and what it does is allows you to record while simultaneously seeing what you're looking at with the scope So afterwards you can we watch that video to see exactly where your trichomes are in terms of development and then of course you can play it in slo-mo so it is easier to see them then during that live feed So in today's video I'm going to show you guys exactly what comes with this product and its packaging and then I'm also going to do a little demonstration where I show you guys how to use the scope while demonstrating on my Gorilla Glue Autoflower plants that I am currently growing for my Stealth Grow Series Now for those of you interested and picking up this trichome scope, I do have a link to it on Amazon and that link is also right here on your screen and I will also have it listed Down Below in the description of this video All right so now

That you guys know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with that overview of the supplies that come with this trichome scope in the packaging Okay so here we are with the packaging and all of the supplies that came with it, again I think this was around 40 or $45 for the scope And what it came with was of course it's charging cable which is a USB cable so I just use my butt from my smartphone charger for that And then I plug it into the wall Now it also comes with this cool stand for if you want to position it while looking at a sample on your table or if you just want to put it like that while it's charging it's pretty nice

And then of course it comes off of there and you have the trichome scope itself The scope does come with a desk cover that Clips over the edge there but since we are about to use it, I have removed it already It is just a piece of clear plastic that Clips onto the end Now you will see that it has the power button right here and you just hold that down to turn this on and then once that light comes on that means it's powered up This dial right here with the LED right underneath, just controls how bright the LED at the end there, that light or LED light is at the very end of the scope

So you can see like that is all the way up and then there it is off So that is nice to have, it's a nice feature and then you also have this button right here Which is actually these two buttons to zoom in and zoom out, and that is for once you have synced up to the app and you've got your live feed going you can use this if you want to zoom in at a little bit of a time Or you can use this dial for adjusting the scope so it goes from 50x to 1000 x once you have the dial all the way to the left that's fully zoomed in and then all the way to the right is zoomed out So let me turn it off real quick so I need to get set up first before we use it

But that is pretty much everything that comes with  The cool features that it is wifi-enabled so you can sync it up with your smart phone and just watch what you are doing through the screen of your phone Or you can take pictures like I was saying you can take videos which is what I'll be doing here in a second So if you are the gorilla glue autoflowers for my grow series and this is what we will be looking at up close for their trichomes So let me just give you guys a little look up close at the buds, they're looking really Frosty and they are about a week to two weeks away, I would say about a week and a half away from being ready for their flush

So they are getting pretty close here and looking like a nice yield for autoflowers And I think this exhale CO2 bag has a lot to do with that So let me get the scope setup and hooked up to the smartphone and then I will be back to show you guys those close-ups Alright so we have a quick look at the buds we are going to be looking at with the scope That's the Gorilla Glue Autoflower, And these generics come from Growers Choice seeds

So let me give you guys a good little zoom in on these guys Looking pretty good and getting close to being ready like I was saying, all right so can you to using this scope or any scope really is you need to have obviously a really Steady Hand So what is nice as this has a nice extension from the lens so you can get that nice you can push it up against the bud decently to help stabilize it and that way you don't get all that sticky resin on the lens of the scope So here we go, we are actually zoomed in all the way right now on the scope so let me zoom out and start with the zoomed out shot for you guys Okay so we can see a decent shot right there, and looking pretty milky with some clear

I'll keep zooming in, that's a nice shot for you guys, and yeah as you can see I can get it holding pretty steady if you get the fans turned off and that way there is no Breeze working against you And then keep zooming in and we'll get a nice look, look at that! You can see they're looking good, and yeah a little too zoomed in right there so let me Zoom back out Yeah you can see those trichomes and the little heads on top, pretty nice And again this will be great for obviously checking when they are ready for Harvest, these are not looking there just yet It does look like we are looking at some trichomes on a Sugar Leaf right here

So that is why they look some Amber there And again those mature faster than the buds so want to make sure you are looking at trichomes on the buds to determine when they are ready Alright hold on one more quick look for you guys here   Sugar Leaf, stem or something sticking out from an old fan leaf Here is a pistol that we are looking up closely on, so that is like those Pistols that start off white sticking straight up and then they crow in an orange slightly

And then there are some trichomes off in the distance a little bit for you Alright so here's a nice last look for you guys, nice and up close and then so yeah These ones aren't fully developed on the sugar leaves here so we do have some time to go, but there is your guys demonstration with the trichome scope! All right cannabis Growers of that concludes today's product review of this digital wifi-enabled trichome scope And again I really like this especially when compared to the traditional jewelers loop or your standard non-digital trichome scope Just because of how easy it is to record and then play back the video and just look at the trichomes at that point

And then you don't have to try and determine what stage of development they are at while looking at that live feed on your screen or on the scope Because it is going to be a little bit shaky when you first start using it until you get used to it And then of course because you are looking at something that isn't sturdy you know on a table in front of you As always thank you guys for watching today's video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time… Happy Growing!!!

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