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    smartphone teleprompter LIMITATION? a bestview t1 review video


    in this video I'm taking a view of the best view t1 teleprompter *music* hey guys its Dessyclef Fori and welcome to my channel if you are new here, i do reviews upload educational content while entertaining at the same time, anytime! so if you haven’t already, hit that subscribe button, smash that bell too and you wouldn’t miss anything i upload

    ok? alright!!! so last week, i ordered the bestview t1 teleprompter on aliexpress Yeahhhh! i paid a little extra for the first shipping service but (mennn) that thing came faster than I'd expected wait! no pun intended i will leave a link in the description should you decide you to want one for yourself from the same seller so when you first open the box you will find a manual a remote control in a smaller box a couple of ring adapters for different lenses and of course the teleprompter itself let me get the bow it's all these items starting with the manual you see, the manual is the first thing you come across upon opening the box it's a very cute booklet with five pages chinese and another five written in the English language there isn't much to read in this booklet because it's mainly filled with images to visually guided with the installation there is this page though in the booklet that instruct on download the free app that comes with this device if you desire to give it a try, you can type the word "best view teleprompter" in the app store if use an iPhone an Android phone user can scan the quick response code in the booklet and get taken to the download page for the Android version of the free app also in the box is a smaller box that has the remote in it personally I like the economic design of the remotes i like how it allows for my hands to wrap around it and leaves my thumb to shuttle effortlessly between the various buttons on the remote the build quality is in the best but I also can see feels cheap because the price of the teleprompter itself is cheap two AAA batteries are needed to get the remote powered keeping the power button press for about two seconds turns the remote on you know it's on when you see this blinking red light was blinking pace is also an indicator for knowing if the remote is connected via bluetooth to the mobile phone you intend to use on the teleprompter initially the light blinks at quite a fast pace to indicate the remote isn't connected for use so you turn on your mobile phone Bluetooth and find the remote on a list of available devices and have it connected at this point the blink appears changes to about once every five seconds this button on a tip of the remote is for playing and pausing the scrolling of the script on a teleprompter app, which can also be done by pulling this round button here the "X" and "B" button are for navigating to any point on your script

    the "X" button is watching press to move your script upwards, while the "B" button helps screw your script downwards when a script is moving too fast you use the "A" button to slow it down and if you need to read faster than a script is currently going then the "Y" button is what you need to press and this is the teleprompter itself excellent case it has a front cover you slide upwards to get assess the reflected glass and then, a back cover you slide downwards to get access to where you fix your lens this teleprompter like anyother typical teleprompter as the reflective glass placed at 45 degrees the glass is reflective on the front and seeks you on the back below the case is a plate that has two screws holding it to the case so when I pull this case in this manner and release it it goes back to its original position

    this allows for the phone to get trapped in between the case and plate to insert my phone I have to place my fingers here, and pull down the plate below insert my phone in this manner one thing i will ask you to be cautious about is that, the lower side, the edges of the plates isn't cushioned with anything, so when your inserting your phone, you need to be cautious not to scratch the surface of your phone so once I have the phone inserted you can see my script is be reflected in the front and when I turned the teleprompter this way you can only see my face but not the script being reflected what happens is that the glass you have here is reflective on one side and then see through on the other side so when you have your lens placed here the lens can only see what before the glass but not what is being reflected by the glass in the front another for me to be able to mount this teleprompter on my camera the manufacturer added some ring adapters that ranges from 49mm to 82mm now, what that means is that when you have a lens that uses something below 49mm it means you would have to get a step-up adapter this yes, step-up adapter and if your lens uses something above 82 millimeters then you have to get a step-down adapter here I have the Sigma 24mm lens and it has the 77mm thread in the front so what I have to do is take my 77mm ring adapter and screw it on the lens once I have the ring screwed on the lens I'll pick up my teleprompter and slide it behind in this way upwards and that's it the lens has been fixed on a teleprompter

    what you have to do now is just fix the lens on a camera one setback I found about this teleprompter is that the size of the case limits the kind of lens you can use on this teleprompter like here I have the Sigma 24mm because of the wideness of this lens, when I fix this on the camera, I can see the case the edges of the case appearing in my frame let me try it out for you to see yourself okay now I have the Sigma 24mm and the teleprompter placed on the camera you can see that the edges of the case is appearing in my frame and this is a setback for me to be able to use this lens I have to go from the full frame mode to the super 35 mode that's around 35mm I think and let me try that for you to see okay I still have the same lens and a teleprompter fix on the camera but you can see a little difference before you were seeing the case appearing in my frame but now you can no longer see it that is because I've moved from the full frame to the supported five modes and that's about 35mm so if you intend to get this teleprompter and I have a super wide lens you know you have to get a different lens or get something bigger than this another setback I found out on this teleprompter is that the edges of the case below where you place your phone isn't cushioned and while you are trying to insert your phone there, you have the risk of scratching the surface of your phone so I would advise that when you are trying to insert your phone you do it with caution so you don't damage your phone in the process

    now that the setbacks of this teleprompter are out the way let me tell you some advantages I found out about this teleprompter the thing is, it's portable and super light even with the weight of the Sigma I can still decide to vlog with it and have no problem and just like I said it's portable super light and economical so thank you for watching and I hope this video has been helpful to you don't forget to check out my other videos too and support this channel by liking and subscribing if you haven't already so until my next video peace

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