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    Smartphone Slider – Bewegtbilder auf dem Smartphone mit dem Kamerawagen drehen


    In one of our videos we already talked about smartphone gimbals These could make our pictures look particularly gentle and smooth

    This video is about smartphone sliders You can find out what they can do now! A slider ensures a smooth movement, mostly in one direction They are used on large film sets, many creators use them and even hobbyists Smartphone filmmakers can use them Our slider is actually a skater He has four wheels that look like inline skates, one in the middle heavy metal plate, two axles to which the rollers are attached and a ball head with smartphone holder

    We can put the axes in one bring certain angle and then tighten If we move the slider now, he rolls in a slight curve Now we can put our smartphone in the Insert holder The ball head allows us, the Smartphone camera in almost every imaginable angle on our filming To look object Now let's just leave the camera Run and start our video

    Sometimes you need several attempts until until the slider ride is perfect, so you need to be sure But the shot is in the box, the result can really be seen! What do you think? Is such a slider helpful for the smartphone or just something for the professionals? Write us your opinion in the comments Subscribe to the o2 channel to not miss any of our videos and the Do not forget to click on the bell

    Source: Youtube

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