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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 10Convert com mp4


the staff finished the mystery the galaxy s 9 of samsung jataí and now i am going to show all that he has best let's go there but before you enjoy and subscribe to my channel so do not lose any video is fast look only the galaxy s 9 has woven screen quad hd of 58 inches is a super the edges are more rounded in relation to s 8 and a biometric sensor the one to unlock the device with the digital one is located behind the camera and clear as well as s 8 it comes with iris reader is even more I need people, it's a lot of technology, you can not imagine locking your cell phone alone

looking at him and too much and look that all this works very well it comes with a powerful 4Gb cut optical processor for ram android system oil and bisping and if you do not know what the bibi I tell you now she is virtual assistant of samsung with it gives for example to read a menu in 54 languages ​​only pointing the camera cool, right, and speaking on camera is the one who's giving even talk in s 9 is that it comes with a variable aperture lens a system similar to that of the professional cameras, that means she can be fine open and capture as many goals as possible leaving those night shots It's amazing to use a smaller aperture for greater depth of field she can stay focused even things that are far from the cell phone leaving the photos super clear have those grainy effects and you know what I also thought it was cool it was the slow supercamera mode You can record videos at 960 frames per second and the more frames the more the movements get slow like those movie screens already know the camera for self esteem 8 megapixels and comes with super fun feature that recognizes your face and various emotions and turns into an avatar of augmented reality and even gives send with the animated gif for the friends to us people today he has a grace without mentioning that it still comes equipped with speakers to kg a super brand recognized worldwide when it comes to sound quality and color 6 our here and give mainly the novelty of this violet here and there the bird on my youtube channel you find product reviews boxes comparative tutorials and everything to unpack the technology

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