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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy On 7 8GB Dual Chip 4G – Câm. 13MP + Selfie 5MP 5.5


Hi, I'm Lu I'm here to help you make the best purchase

Let's see if this product is right for you? Look that! The Galaxy On 7 Smartphone from Samsung is stylish, and still accompanies you in day-to-day tasks! Guys, look how cool this 55 "screen is! For starters, the display glass is very strong and avoid those famous scratches! Also, watch videos, play games that you both enjoy and see photos from the last trip gain another level! And everything in high resolution Speaking of which, no one was left out when You get the class together to do a selfie, see? The front camera of this phone has the larger angle, to fit everyone and the images come out with great quality! She has 5MP and activating it is easy easy, just need to make gestures with the palm of the hand and ready Cool, huh? Now the rear has 13MP, records in high resolution and just by pressing the middle button twice, it's ready for the click! And with the Quad-Core processor! , you watch videos on Youtube, watch your favorite series on Netflix and more at full speed Uffa, quite a thing is not! And there's more! The battery lasts up to 12 hours

And if you want to leave in Ultra Economy mode You choose only those applications that you want to keep active, and the load is still hard more! Really good right? Ahhh! And it is available in different colors Just choose which combines more with your style and enjoy the Galaxy On 7 How about it? Hope this helps So good buy!

Source: Youtube

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