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Smartphone Positivo Twist S511


If you want to enjoy the best of the dual-chip smartphone, Twist Positivo's S511 is a great choice After all, with it, you have 3G access from your service provider to use and surf the internet wherever and whenever you want, installing applications like WhatsApp and Facebook and keeping in touch with your friends who are far away

Oh, and it comes with 16GB of memory, but if you need a bigger capacity, you can use up to 32GB card So you have plenty of room to save the photos and videos made with the camera And I'll tell you more about them, but first, on my channel Every week has video with many new features! Well, folks, with the 8MP rear camera you can record things from the every day in photos and videos to post on social networks, okay? Oh, and he still has camera front to do selfies at will And both come with LED flash that gives a little help when the environment is not so bright! Enjoy and get the Extended Warranty, which guarantees the repair or even the exchange of your product if it proves defective after the factory warranty period Oh and drop it on my YouTube channel and stay inside unboxings, comparatives, product reviews and more! I'll wait, okay? One kiss and the next video

Source: Youtube

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