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Smartphone killt DSLR? REVIEW Huawei P20 Pro & Blenden Modus


Welcome to my CameraCheckChannel !!! 🙂 It's about the P20 Pro from Huawei again! And I'll tell you something about the bokeh effect So far, I thought, the development of the smartphone camera is in the direction of more mega pixels! For a better digital zoom

This development did not happen It looks more like the smartphone camera the DSLR (photo camera with a large sensor) will replace, at least in private photography in everyday life

This will take a long time and we certainly have enough niches where the big DSLR will still have its place but the path goes there and the P 20 Pro makes a big leap in that direction And we'll take a closer look at this clip in this clip This is an exciting development that these smartphone cameras go for

This is especially true for these cameras, which can produce this bokeh effect (blur effect) Looking at the bokeh effect on the P20 Pro, I wondered which sensor size mimics the smartphone camera APS-C or Full Frame? Full Frame still has a larger blur effect than APS-C at the same aperture

For all 3 cameras I have set aperture 28 I have my Canon 550D and my Sony a7s full frame camera Take a look at these pictures in comparison I'll get back to post production Let's take a closer look at the pictures! Here you can see the picture of the Canon 550D The sharpness is on the face

The background is slightly out of focus at aperture 28 OK, the edges are a little blurred, but that's because of the bad edge blur of the lens So this is APS-C at aperture 28 Let's look at the photo of the Sony alpha

The full frame camera separates foreground and background slightly more This is the result of the larger sensor of the Sony alpha The so-called full format or full frame sensor But what camera imitates the Huawei now ??? That is the question Here is the photo of the Huawei p20 Pro

Hmm, that's even more blurry than the Sony alpha At first I thought, I have the p20 Pro photo wrongly stored and it is Aperture 095 So I had to ask someone who has the camera to re-develop the original photo with aperture 28

And he still exposed aperture 095 and aperture 56 And here you see, aperture 095 is even more extreme

Here is Aperture 56! And THAT is amazing! Aperture 56 looks very similar to the pictures of Sony with Aperture 28 The Huawei p20 Pro shows us a blur that is even more extreme than Full Frame

Maybe it's a kind of medium format camera sensor I do not have a medium format camera, but maybe someone of you feels like testing it 😉 That's it about sensor size Physically, they can NOT create this blur Smartphone cameras have only a very small sensor

The single normal bokeh effect in the smartphone can be seen in the macro area In the range of a few centimeters to about 12m distance Here is a photo with normal depth of field and the digital bokeh effect With the help of more and more computing power and good hardware and software this works very well

There are now some smartphones in the market that can do THIS effect Most have 2 optics Also known as dual optics These two lenses are used to create the depth of field effect There are 3 variants

Either your smartphone has 2 lenses (optics), but with different focal lengths However, only the long-focal optics can create the photo with the low depth of field Because the telephoto lens coincides with the wide angle and you can then create a 3D space and create the blur digitally eg, the iphone 8 plus that or iphone x The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can do that too

The second variant: The uses the Huawei P 20 Pro It has two equal focal lengths A sensor is black and white, has only 20 megapixels instead of 40, but that does not matter About this second lens, the depth of field is calculated, so that here also the wide-angle range works The 3rd variant uses the google Pixel 2

This has only one optic, and the depth information is calculated via the subpixels Subpixels consist of red, green, blue pixels How that works exactly you can google 😉 The Pixel 2 also does a great job in creating the depth blur Back to the P20 Pro

Here is the link of one of my example clips, look at it! Or I show you here now a pictures clip with the best results of the Aperture Mode Camera This is a lot of fun to photograph in the Aperture mode The camera uses only the 40 megapixel sensor with the help of the 20 MP sensor This works for wide angle photos and also for portrait photos

So you can zoom in 3 times because of the 40 megapixels and then has the portrait photo area Conclusion: In Wide Angle, the effect works well! At first glance, it looks good, a few mistakes can be seen in detail Exciting would be another kind of Blurs Each camera optic has a different image characteristic due to the lens characteristics The presentation is difficult with small details

take a look at the bicycle spokes Here, the camera does not recognize the spokes and can not separate foreground and background

That would be great if that would be separated cleanly And there are big problems with the 3x zoom Take a look at the bad photos in this short video clip In some cases, this is quite extreme, with what problems the camera in Bokeh mode still beats There is hope that some things can be improved through the software? In any case, it is a unique feature that this camera can also zoom so far and offers the bokeh

When google Pixel 2, I unfortunately do not know the zoom range The P20 Pro is not perfect yet, it has room for further generations to improve Conclusion: It looks partly very good and it is a lot of fun to take pictures with it The full-format camera can be left at home in everyday life I also find it exciting that you can subsequently change the blurring effect

The focus point can be redefined and also the strength of the blur Top! Less well, I find the bad depths separation in details Also a pity that the telephoto lens is not used Too bad I find that the bokeh effect can not be used with 16: 9, in the night mode The menu structure is too complex for me

Thus, I have mostly photographed only in bokeh mode The night mode is also exciting If all this would work simpler, the camera would be extremely cool When handling I would prefer a handy camera Than this smooth and slippery smartphone

But more on that later At some point I will publish my Super Review here for the Huawei P20 Pro I am very excited about new subscribers in this channel Activate the little bell if you often want to see something from me Thank you for watching, see you soon, here in the channel


Source: Youtube

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