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What's up and I hope you had a nice week and welcome to this new video it's about the camera we almost always have the smartphone camera If we want to shoot something quickly or take a selfie, the mobile phone camera is immediately at hand and they are the purchase argument par excellence, you want to buy a new phone so try most of the department stores, the new camera but you can use the cell phone camera so cool you can really professional cool beautiful photos Unfortunately, there are disadvantages you want to make with the phone photos but there are so many cool benefits that we should use unfortunately a big disadvantage it is lens Unfortunately, you can not screw a lens on mobile phones or change what's on it Although there are telephoto lenses in newer mobile phone cameras, these help to zoom closer to what's happening the advantage of telephoto lenses in mobile phones is that we do not need an annoying big lens what we have with system cameras A disadvantage of the telephoto lenses is that the quality is not perfect Another advantage of the mobile phone camera is that we can use many apps which enhance the image live no matter whether glitter effects of kirakira + or great macro shots of Camera + 2 There are also so many apps that will improve the picture in retrospect, the PICNIC there we can change the sky but there are thousands more for iOS and Android So many cool apps for filming and taking pictures with your smartphone Accessories also an important thing we should talk about, there are actually some kind of accessories for the phone from selfie sticks to tripods there's just a lot of ultra grip for stabilization and much more beautiful motifs are everywhere to find it in there are super cool motives but also fits the storage space eventually comes to an end Achieving videos with the smartphone is really not as difficult as taking pictures go outside stay in the room take your time for the perfect photo why should not we use this great smartphone camera

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