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Smartphone Gimbal Comparison – FeiyuTech G6 Plus vs Freevision Vilta vs FunBlue


– Are you looking for a new smartphone gimbal? Well today I'm testing five different options to see if any of these are any good (exciting musical tones) So when it comes to a smartphone gimbal there's a few things that you need to consider

First and probably the most important out of any factor is how stable is the footage? Now beyond that, when it comes to smartphone gimbals you basically have your experience working with the handle and like all the buttons and then also the app because all these gimbals have an integrated app and all of them have kind of a different experience And then one other thing you need to consider is can you add other pieces of gear onto the gimbal and still use it So what I'm thinking is external lenses, so a wider lens All right guys, I'm gonna pause right here This is actually my third smartphone gimbal shootout

I've done two previous similar kind of videos so we're gonna see how these gimbals perform and then we're going to figure out what is a good option if you're interested in getting a smartphone gimbal Guys, if you're new here my name is Jeven Dovey I do a ton of filmmaking tutorials, product reviews I also do a lot of YouTube training, if that's the kind of thing you're into So make sure you hit that Subscribe button and turn on those bell notifications so you don't miss one of these videos

All right, back to the gimbal review Okay so we're gonna go one by one and I'm just gonna give you some details about each gimbal as I show you the footage that we're getting Like I said, the most important thing is how stable is the gimbal? Now I got Jesse here to help me out He's going to do some walking while we film him and see how good the footage really is And the first one that we're gonna start with is the Freevision, and I think the Freevision gimbals are pretty awesome

I have two of them here that we're gonna be working with One is the SE which is kind of a smaller, lighter version and then we have the Pro which is a little bit more beefier, kind of like the Smooth 4 built definitely for more like a filmmaker kind of setup So let's start with the SE Ugh, it needs to update, of course Now one tip whenever you're working with gear is always make sure that things are updated before you go out and shoot

Good thing is I have decent WiFi here but there are situations where you don't necessarily have WiFi and then it might brick your device if you don't update it So update those products I'm gonna let this footage play just so you guys can see how the good the footage is coming out on camera I'm shooting this all without the stabilizer turned on because you really need to see how smooth the gimbal is If you have the stabilizer turned on it's gonna hide some of the movements that happen with these gimbals

Hold the camera up high That's cool, it's following you wherever the camera goes And it's also got tracking features so you can track an object or you can track a person And as you can see here the tracking does work pretty well on this gimbal (upbeat contemporary music) All right, so when it comes to this gimbal it's a much simpler setup than the other gimbals

What's kinda nice is that for buttons you basically have your power button You have your joystick which allows you to go in all directions You have your gear icon, which is basically going to manual mode, and then on the side you have your zoom Now as a whole this gimbal's fairly simple to use, very easy to setup and that's one thing that I like about it is that it is so easy to use So with this gimbal, this is one that is setup for people who wanna do vertical video shooting

So you can easily flip it and then you can use the tracking feature and you can do vertical like if you wanna do Instagram shooting or Snapchat, whatever vertical videos that you're gonna make Now we're gonna pause this video right here because I just wanted to tell you that this video is sponsored by Squarespace From websites to online stores to marketing tools, Squarespace has got you covered for anything that you need when it comes to building your own website and yes, I do use Squarespace when I build out my website jevendoveycom The reason is it's super easy to use, it's just drag and drop

They have a ton of awesome designs and templates that makes it super easy to use and I think a website is essential for any creators out there, anyone who's looking to have a hub where you can send people to to either sell your products or just have a place where people can find out more information about you So guys, head over to Squarespacecom to start your free trial and when you're ready to launch your website make sure you use my code JEVENDOVEY for 10% off your first purchase All right, let's get back into the gimbal review All right, so the second one that we're gonna look at is the FeiyuTech Vimble number two

So this is an interesting one It's similar to the Freevision one where it's ultra simple There's not a ton of buttons on this one It's not like a crazy advanced gimbal and it also does the vertical/horizontal for social media shooting But what's cool about this one is that you have this stick that comes out and you don't have to carry around an extra like selfie stick so you can get a wider shot of yourself

Walking down some stairs I think the whole purpose of this gimbal is to do these kind of selfie shots and be able to get yourself without having to like hold your arm super far out which is kinda nice actually What do you think Jesse? – Looks good to me, whoa – So I'm basically rebalancing this because it was really jittery footage And what you wanna do is make sure that it's balanced on both axis up and down

So in terms of the layout of this gimbal, you have your joystick, you have your camera record, you have a zoom function which zooms in and out, and then you have a trigger on the back which I like the trigger design on gimbals because what that basically allows you to do is when you hold this it locks it so it doesn't move in any direction So you're more free to move around and then you lock it if you wanna hold a shot So I do like the trigger on this one in terms of the layout Like I said, it's super simple Now I'm definitely having some issues tracking with this and I don't really understand what the problem is

Face tracking seems to work when it's facing you but tracking objects, I'm just not able to get it to work right Overall, it's all right I wouldn't say it's my favorite so far (upbeat contemporary music) It's like not letting me track you at all All right, so the next one that we're gonna be reviewing is the Freevision Pro

So this is the Vilta Pro and the difference is this one's made for people who want to have full control over your camera because you have a bunch of buttons so you have buttons all over this gimbal and you have a focus wheel So you have a focus zoom wheel which this actually works very well compared to the Smooth 4 if you've ever seen that gimbal Now in terms of the button layout you have access to things like exposure compensation, ISO, white balance You have your camera settings You have a couple adjustable buttons A and B here and then you also have your zoom and focus control button to switch between 'em

Now on the back of this gimbal is a trigger So just like the last one this locks the gimbal so whenever you're moving it locks it in motion and then when you let go you can go back to your follow mode So this gimbal is setup so you have a lot of different buttons at your fingertips and this one also does the vertical mode if you want to do that but let's just test how stable this gimbal is compared to ya know the non-pro version (upbeat contemporary music) It's very similar to the original Vilta just with a bunch of added features Like I said, you have access to all the things that you want on the handle which makes it a very usable gimbal and I actually like it a lot more than working with the Smooth 4

I did a big review on the Smooth 4 in the past and that gimbal's all right I still was not the biggest fan of it This one, the experience, I do like Freevision I'm a fan of these gimbals because all of them are built pretty well and so far my experience working with them has been good So the next gimbal we're gonna go over is this one and this is a tiny, foldable gimbal and this was a crowdfunded gimbal

So this one is supposed to be like pocket sized so you can stick this in your pocket It's kinda nice, it folds up nice and small Okay so you can clip out the handle, pull it out, and it's called Fun Blue So essentially that is the gimbal Now out of all these this one feels the most cheaply made

It just feels like a hunk of plastic, like not a good hunk of plastic either But let's test it Let's see how good the footage is (upbeat contemporary music) Unfortunately, not the most impressed with this one and so far this is probably the lowest on the totem pole Okay, so I have one more gimbal that I wanna show you guys and that is the Feiyutech G6 Plus

Now this is not a gimbal made for smartphones but it is a smaller gimbal that you can use your smartphones on and the reason I wanted to put this in with all these other gimbals is that this one allows you to put heavier products on it So you can put your phone with a Moment lens on it and you can still get a stable shot Now the rest of these gimbals you can't do that, it throws off the balance too much and you just can't get a stable shot So I'm gonna show you what the footage looks like with this and if you want to see more of a review about this gimbal I'll put a link down below in the description because I did a video entirely about this gimbal because I think this is a great option for small cameras Now in terms of size, this is about the same size as these other gimbals except for that Fun Blue foldable one but this sits about the same size in your pack

So that's why it's a great competitor against these other ones and if you're using bigger lenses and you wanna put heavier gear or you wanna use other products like other cameras in your GoPro, your small mirrorless camera then this is a good option because you can switch between your cameras Now you don't have an app like the other ones You're not gonna have options to do the tracking and all that, but for me I just use the Moment app and I don't worry about tracking 'cause I don't really use it anyways Okay, so which gimbal is the winner out of all five of these gimbals? Well there's not a clear one winner I definitely think the Freevision gimbals are interesting and I enjoy working with them

The Pro is great if you want access to all those features The SE is great just for quick grab-and-go getting smooth shots Now if you wanna have a gimbal that you can use other cameras on then I highly suggest checking out the G6 Plus I'll put a link down in the description to my full review around that gimbal The Vimble number 2 was okay, not my favorite

The Fun Blue, no wouldn't go for that one But guys there's a ton of smartphone gimbals on the market and I'll put a link down below in the description to two other comparisons that I did where I tested a ton of smartphone gimbals And I highly suggest you check out those videos as well to see some other gimbal options before you go out there and make your purchase But guys, that is it, I'll see ya on the next one So what do you think about this one? – Seems broken, I don't know

Oh, I gotta turn it on

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